The Crips are one of the largest Street Gangs in the world and they are even larger when you only consider the area of Los Angeles. Crips are not a fully organized gang though, the entire gang is made up of “sets” and “sub-sets”. These Sets are what makes the Crips so large in numbers.

Different Sets and Sub Sets in LA County

Altadena (1/4)

Athens (16)

Carson (6)

Compton (22/25)

Duarte (1)

Florence (5)

Gardena (5)

Hawthorne (2)

Inglewood (4)

Long Beach (13/15)

City of Los Angeles (98/118)

Lynwood (4/5)

Palmdale (1)

Paramount (1)

Pasadena (1)

Pomona (6)

Santa Monica (1)

Torrance (17)

West Covina (1)

Willowbrook (5)


Here is our list off all the Crip sets in LA, this list may not be fully accurate based on activity, some sets may have disbanded or are not active anymore. If there is a Set that you would like to add to the list, please leave a comment.


As you can see California is fully engulfed with Crip sets and each city has there own set of Crips that they have to deal with.

Gang Banging in this era has changed a lot from when it first started though, now it is more about making money. There are still Crip members that still try to put there hood on, but it is definitely not how it once was.

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