What Gangs are in San Jose

San Jose, California, often dubbed as the “Capital of Silicon Valley,” is known for its thriving tech industry, cultural diversity, and pleasant climate. However, beneath its picturesque surface lies a complex issue that the city has been grappling with for decades: crime rates, particularly related to gang activity. In this article, we will delve into […]

History of the Yamaguchi-Gumi

yamaguchi gumi

The Yamaguchi-gumi is a Japanese criminal organization, commonly referred to as a yakuza syndicate, and is considered one of the largest and most powerful criminal groups in Japan. The group was founded in 1915 and has since grown in both size and influence, with estimates suggesting that it has over 30,000 members spread across various […]

Black Dragon Gang

black dragon gang

Back in the 80s and 90s Asian gangs ran the rackets in China Town with a lot of organization. A couple of asian gangs that come to mind were the Wah Ching, and the Black Dragon Gang. The 2 gangs held a monopoly at one point in gang history, but have slowly started to fade […]

Born To Kill BTK Gang

btk gang

With all the violence in New Yorks Chinatown focused on Chinese street gangs, the Vietnamese Born To Kill were able to grow strong under the radar. New York is a lucrative place for both legal and illegal businesses. For a long time New Yorks underground was ruled by the Italian mob, by the 1990s the […]

The Chinese Mob: The Flying Dragons

flying dragons gang

When you think about New York mobs or gangs, people typically think of Italian Mobsters or gangsters from Brooklyn or the Bronx. The main stream has always considered this to be the typical gang life of New York City. What a lot of people don’t know is that the Chinese and other asian gangs wrecked […]

China Town is Spooked by the Ghost Shadows

ghost shadows gangs

Back in the 1960s New Yorks China Town was a way different place than it once was. China Town was a lawless place where the cities cops had no jurisdiction. China Town was run by the Tongs, which were organizations that dipped into the pockets of all China Town residents. The Tongs controlled everything in […]

Wah Ching Gang Signs and Tattoos

wah ching gang sign

Wah Ching are considered one of the oldest and still active Asian Gangs In the United States. They first started up in 1970s as small time thugs, and have since graduated to a full fledged criminal organization. The Wah Ching do not really “gang bang” anymore meaning they don’t really fight for turf or small […]


trg vs asian boyz

A rivalry that spans decades, The TRG are a mainly Cambodian gang that originated in Long Beach. They have now spread to many areas in the United States. With expansion comes a lot of tension with other gangs, one of the gangs TRG beefs with a lot are the Asian Boyz Crips. Both gangs are […]

Dont talk sh*t to Tongan Crips!

tongan crips

The Tongan Crips Gang are a crip gang formed in the 1980s formed by members of Tongan decent. If you are reading this and and are confused what a Tongan is, you are not alone. Tongans are a Polynesian people who are from the area called Polynesia. Tongans are some of the only other Polynesian […]

The Mighty S Gang, Sons Of Samoa

sons of samoa

The Sons of Samoa (SOS) are an active crip gang, that is a also a mainly samoan gang. Sons of Samoa are considered to be one of the first Samoan gangs that are part of the crip sub set. Samoans come from Polynesia, which is a subregion of Oceania, made up of more than 1,000 […]