Nipsey Hussle was a man of the people, with his tragic passing the biggest question for people that didn’t know him was, did Nipsey Hussle have any gang affiliation? The quick and simple answer is, Yes. Nipsey Hussle was affiliated to the large criminal gang known as the Crips. More specifically the Rolling 60s Neighborhood Crips. His gang affiliation should not take away from what he was trying to accomplish and his life should be celebrated for what it was.

Nipsey’s Come Up

Nipsey was born Airmiess Joseph Ashedom, he was a West Coast Rapper that was just starting to break out and find his sound.

He was born August 15, 1985 in Crenshaw, an area in South Central Los Angeles. His mom was from america and his dad was a refugee from Eritrean.

As a kid his brother Samiel was the one who raised Nip. Samiel would also be known as Blacc Sam by friends and people in the neighborhood.

At the young age of 14, Nipsey would end up joining the Rollin 60s. The 60s are a sub set of the Crips.

At 17 Nipsey would put out his first mixtape, Slauson Boy Volume 1, this would

The Rolling 60s Neighborhood Crips

The Rolling 60s are a street gang that started in Los Angeles, California. The 60s or Westside RSCs were formed from the Original Westside Crips started by Stanley “Tookie” Wiliams.

The Rolling 60s are one of the biggest Crip gangs with around approximately 8000 members.

The reason the 60s are a very large gang is because they are made up of different sub sets. The sub sets include:

Dime blocc – Dime blocc is the most militant set. The home base for them is the Dorsett Village apartments and 10th ave. Dime Blocc members are the ones putting in a lot of work on the frontline. Nipsey was really from the avenues, but when he moved into his grandmas house he started putting on more for Dime Blocc and had drug spots on the dime. From 15-19 Nipsey was a frontliner and a shooter.

Avenues – Avenues is the deepest subset overall, they are more neutral and have a lot of hustlers and riders.

Overhills – Overhills is more of the suburban area of the 60s hood. The original set coined the term Rich Rolling 60s as they were looked at to be the rich big timers.

Front hood – The set that is known to recruit people for the hood who dont physically live in Crenshaw.

Escaping the Gang Life

As much as Nipsey was able to do for all the people and his community, in the end he was not able to escape the gang life. The story of his life and how it came to an end, is almost too scripted.

A gangbanger from South Central, that was raised by the gang. Makes a name for himself. Gives back to the community. Gets killed by a member of his own gang.

It doesn’t get more Hollywood than that, but thats exactly what happened.

Nipsey said in an interview, that naturally he wasn’t like this, like a gangster, but he had to adapt.

He says “I adapted to the culture.. Naturally, thats not who I am. As kids we come from nurturing, but there’s a lack of that in the coldness you get from going outside. The world said we was wrong, but the set embraced you for who you was. And that’s the allure of gang banging.”

The gang was able to give Nipsey something he didn’t have at home at the time, a family and a brotherhood.

At a young age, Nipsey grew very loyal to the gang, he tattooed “Slauson Boy” on him, signifying loyalty to his hood.

His life and death will be remembered and his legacy will not be forgotten. The marathon continues.

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