Utah a place for snowboarding, rugged rocks, lakes and lots of outdoor living. But, Utah gang problems are on the rise. Like most western states in the U.S. gangs are recruiting and are establishing themselves in cities across Utah.

Gangs in Utah exist, crimes are happening around the state, the gangs in Utah are influenced a lot by the California Gang culture which includes the Notenos, Surenos, Bloods and Crips gangs.

In Salt Lake alone there are approximately 25 to 40 different active

A look at the youth gangs in Utah

A new investigation done in February of 2022 in Utah showed gangs are stepping into the modern world for doing business. Gangs are selling drugs on snapchat and collecting payments using crypto.

After a shooting left a 22 year old man dead from 6 gun shots, police started investigating gangs.

Crime and gangs go hand in hand, this goes for violence as well. Gang units in Salt Lake are saying there are 3500 to 34500 people affiliated to gangs.

Teens are starting off by selling THC cartridges now, which transitions them into harder drugs.

These same kids are creating sets based off of gangs from California, like the Bloods or Crips. Without having any sort of affiliation with the gangs.

Gangs now are recruiting through social media, not just recruiting though but also selling drugs and weapons.

List of Gangs in Salt Lake Area

Mexican Gang

Independent Mexican Gangs

Notenos Gangs




Asian Gangs



White Supremacists

Extremist Gangs

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