Street Gangs

Street gangs are the most well known gangs. These gangs are usually a lot less organized that most other gangs. The reason why is because street gangs form from groups of friends or people from a particular neighbourhood. Street gangs have a reputation of being more volatile. They are usually made up of kids in their teens but there are a lot of “OGs” in street gangs as well. OGs are usually older members of the gangs that have survived many years of gang banging.

A lot of people say that Los Angeles is the home of street gangs. Although there are many street gangs around the world, LA was the first place to have mass violence caused from gangs. This is the reason why some of the biggest well know street gangs was birthed here.

List of Street Gangs

Since street gangs have grown in such numbers we will focus more so on the Main Street gangs and not the sub sets. There are many street gangs that have branched off from the main gang, but for this list we will highlight just the main gang.

MS-13 Marasalvatrucha

Considered to be the most ruthless and violent gangs in the world. MS 13 is one gang we hope you never see cross your path. MS13 started off in Los Angeles, they first started off to protect Salvadorian immigrants from other gangs in Los Angeles. Learn More about MS13 here.


The Bloods first originated from anti crip gangs in the late 1960s. Gangs from different areas of Los Angeles formed the bloods to fight back against the Crip gangs. This fued has been going on for decades. What makes the bloods so big is that it is formed from different sets. Most neighbourhoods in LA have a blood set attached to them, depending on which hood you visit.


The Crips are another street gang that has built its reputation in LA. The crips are one of Americas biggest street gangs and they have grown in huge numbers. They are said to be one of the most violent street gangs. Just like the bloods, the crips are split into many sets.

18th Street

Another well known street gang that originate in LA is the 18th street gang. They are considered one the largest street gangs in LA. 18th street is considered to be the first gang to me multi nationalites and races. They first started out as a mexican gang but have since grown from that.

Asian Gangs

When you think of asian gangs you think of the Triads and the Yakuza, but there are actually a lot of different asian street gangs besides them. Learn more about asian street gangs here.

Polynesian Gangs

Some of the toughest guys to ever hit the streets, Polynesian gangs are a lot smaller in numbers than other gangs. Coming from Polynesia these guys immigrated to the United States to rough areas. Here they had to learn to protect themselves from other gangs. Learn more about Polynesian Gangs here.

Fresno Bulldogs

The Fresno Bulldogs are a Mexican gang that have roots in prison as well in the streets. They have huge numbers and are a big player in the drug game in California. The Fresno Bulldogs are the biggest Mexican gang that are not cliqued up with the Nortenos or the Surenos. Learn more about the Fresno Bulldogs here.