The city of Stockton in known to be a hard a tough place to grow up, there’s a lot of bad ass people from Stockton. From athletes, artists, movie stars and musicians.

Stockton breeds tough people, and it is also home to a lot of hardcore people too. Stockton is known for its dangerous gang wars and violence. When you hear that someone is from Stockton you know they are tough as f***.

Stockton is home to a lot of immigrants, either from south of the border as well as over seas. For this reason it is home to a lot of different nationalities. Just like San Francisco Gangs there is a lot of gang diversity as far as nationality and ethnicity.

To understand why Stockton is what it is today, we have to know the history behind this crazy city.

Stocktons History and how it relates to Gang Violence

Just like most places in California, Stockton, was a place where a lot of people flocked to for Gold mining.

Stockton grew rapidly for this reason, it would be the home for a lot of gold-seekers for a generally short amount of time.

Around the same time as the gold rush, a lot of Chinese immigrants would come to America in search of gold, but would eventually miss the rush, and end up working on the railroads. By 1880s Stockton had the third largest population of Chinese people in California.

The city was incorporated in July 23, 1850 but the country court and the first city election was held on July 31, 1850.

In 1851 the city of Stockton received its charter from the state of California.

Early settlers of the city included the gold seekers from Asian, Africa, Australia, Europe, the Pacific Islands, Mexico and Canada. You can see the diversity of Stockton in the street names, architecture and many heritage festivals.

Fast forward 100 years, and just like the rest of California, Stockton is now a melting pot of a bunch of different residence of color and ethnicity.

You have youth from different backgrounds ganging up on each other and forming their own gangs. Which is how it is like for most street gangs in California.

Due to the poverty and low income housing in a lot of these Stockton neighbourhoods, gang violence and crimes are still very high, and will continue!

Different Gangs in Stockton

Black Gangs:

West Lane Crips, 44g Crips, Northside Gangster Crips, Sutter Street Crips, South Mob Gangster Crips, East Side Gangster Crips, Valverde Park Gangster Crips, Taliban, Fly Boys , Spring Street, South Mob Bloods, West Side Bloods, EBK.

Asian Gangs:

Asian Boyz, Original Crip Gang, Asian Street Walkers, Loc Town Crips , Crazy Town Crips, Asian Gangster Crips, Bad Land Boys, Asian Crips, Down Ass Juveniles , G Blocc Gangster Crips, Bedlow Gangster Crips, Tiny Raskal Gang, Crazy Brother Clan, Insane Blood Gang, Original Blood Gang, Moonlight Strangers, Cambodian Junior Gang, Asian Pride, Menace of Destruction, Hmong National Society.

Mexican Gangs:

South Side Stocktone, Triple Six Gang, Sixth Street Nortenos, Barrio Conway, North Side Nortenos, East Side Nortenos, Oak Park Nortenos (maybe not active), West Side Gangsters, Pilgrim Street Gangsters , Central Stockton Locos, Clay Street Nortenos, Seventh Street Nortenos, Valverde Park Nortenos, VLL, Playboy Surenos, Vickystown 13.

Other Gangs:

Sons of Samoa, True Pinoy Crips, Muddy Boys, Silent Money Boys.


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