The population Modesto California is around 220,000 people as of last year there were 1,758 violent crimes reported in the city. The violent crime rate is 812 per 100,00 people. On average there are 13 murders, 94 rapes, 399 robberies and 1,252 aggravated assaults Modesto, CA every year. Due to the rise of street gangs in Modesto, you can say that some of these stats are due to the presence of gangs in the area.

Modesto is located in the central south of Sacramento, North of Fresno, east of San Francisco, and also south of Stockton.

The city is surrounded by a lot of farmland, and its main economy is its large agricultural industry which is based on farming.

Crime in Modesto

Crime rates in Modesto are higher in Modesto than the state average, this goes for violent crimes as well as property crimes.

With these relatively high crime rates, Modesto residents are not at ease when walking alone at night. Motor Vehicle thefts are really bad in this area.

The rise in crime is due to economic downfall. The unemployment rate was 12.3%, among the highest nationwide.

It is easy to see why gangs thrive in Modesto.

Gang Problems

A decade ago most gang members in the area were affiliated to the Nortenos, a large mexican gang that is connected to the prison gang Nuestra Familia.

With the rise in population, and the migration of gang members from southern california, members of the Surenos can now me found in Modesto.

Nortenos and Surenos are arch rivals, this rivalry spans the entire state of California.

Law enforcement believes there are around 7,000 to 10,000 gangs members in Modesto and surrounding areas. The majority of the gang members at 87% are latino. The other percentage is made up of Asian, blacks and white gang members.

Known Gangs in Modesto

Prison Gangs

  • 415 KUMI
  • Aryan Brotherhood
  • Black Guerilla Family
  • Mexican Mafia
  • Nazi Low Riders
  • Northern Structure
  • Nuestra Familia
  • Nuestra Raza

Street Gangs

  • 18th Street
  • 4 Korners Krazy Gang
  • Airport
  • All On You Bitches
  • Asian Boyz
  • Asian Crips
  • Bedrock Nortenos
  • Bedrock Posse Bloods
  • Block Boi
  • Bloods
  • Brick City
  • Brown Pride Locos
  • Brown Pride Riders
  • Bulldogs
  • Campo
  • Central Cali Clica
  • Crazy Lil Surenos
  • Crazy MOBB Family, AKA Cambodian Mafia Family
  • Crips
  • Crips with Attitude AKA Cambodians with Attitude
  • Deep South Side Modesto Nortenos
  • Devils of The North
  • East Side Modesto
  • East Side San Jose
  • Empire Boyz
  • Ghost Town Nortenos
  • Hells Angels
  • Highway Village
  • Juggalos
  • Just Brothers MC
  • Latin Kings
  • Little Town Surenos
  • Little Unity
  • Loc’d Out Criminals
  • Mexican Locitos Surenos
  • Mexican, Malditios Surenos
  • Mexicanos Surenos Trece
  • Modesto Hardcore Skinheads
  • Modesto Hit Squad
  • Mofomen MC
  • Mogols MC
  • North Side Boyz
  • North Side Modesto
  • Northern Riders
  • Oak Street Posse
  • Oak Town Boyz
  • Original Gangster Locos
  • Parklawn Boyz
  • Peckerwoods
  • Riverbank Norteno Soldados
  • Riverbank Varrio Locos
  • Salida Dogs/Boyz
  • Skinheads
  • Smyrna Park Nortenos
  • South Side Trece
  • Supreme White Pride
  • Sur Trece Rifamos
  • Sureno Por Vida
  • Tiny Rascal Gangs
  • Top Hatters MC
  • Tres Puto Surenas
  • United Familia
  • Valley Boyz
  • Varrio South Side Modesto
  • Varrio Sur Gang
  • Varrio West Side Turlock
  • Vernon Block Gangsters
  • West Side Boyz
  • West Side Familia
  • West Side Gangster Crips
  • West Side Modesto
  • Wicked West Ryders
  • Young Gangster Locos

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