Los Angeles is known for its rich and famous, Hollywood, beaches and also Beverly Hills, but LA is also known for its gangs especially the Bloods and the Crips. If you plan on visiting Los Angeles, California make sure to keep your GPS handy as you do not want to accidentally stray into these areas of LA.

Some of the worst neighborhoods in LA

Here is our list of some of the worst dangerous hoods in LA county, this is a list for mainly gang activity and not based on crime rates throughout the city.

There are a lot of gangs in California, but we are highlighting some of the areas in LA where you will get pressed by gang members if you drive through there, so be cautious as these gangs are very dangerous and will try to rob or hurt you if they do not like you, or you look like an easy targer.

The list is in no particular order.


Compton is a city in South Los Angeles and has become notorious for gangs and high crime rates. Compton was put on the map by the rap group NWA and would live up to to rap groups hype by becoming the crime capital of LA for years.

Compton is known for its gangs, although the bloods and crips didn’t start in Compton, it is home for a lot of different sets, mainly black gangs.

Compton gang activity is still very active and it is recommended you do not go there unless you are fully ready to experience it. This means no stopping and do not provoke anyone when entering compton.


Watts is a neighborhood in LA that is notorious for gangs, it is very dangerous to visit and is advisable to not go there unless you can take the pressure from the local gangs. Watts gangs are always on watch and are posted up on the block so be warned.

The area has had a high crime rate in all types of crimes, homicides, car jackings are all prevalent in Watts.

Watts is home to some of the most notorious gangs, and you can easily get jacked here, proceed with extreme caution as the boys in the hood do not play, especially with outsiders.


Inglewood is another city in LA county, just south of the LA. Inglewood is another iconic area in California that is known for its gangs.

Just like most hoods on this list, Inglewood has a lot of bloods and crips sets here, but they also have a lot of Hispanic gangs that are known to put pressure on outsiders.

Make sure you have a pass before you come to the Wood.

Inglewood is home the Crenshaw Mafia Gangster Bloods, Tongan Crips, Raymond Ave Crips, and the Inglewood Family Gangster Bloods


Athens is a neighborhood in LA that doesn’t get enough credit when it comes to notoriety. All of the gangs out in Athens are certified gangsters and are willing to put in work.

Athens is home to the Athens Park Bloods who are actively on law enforcements sites when it comes to street business.

Willowbrook is just east of Athens , and is also a notorious area for a bunch of street gangs.

Rosewood is east of Willowbrook and shares the same gang violence as the last 2 areas.

This part of LA is predominantly Blood territory, but has a mix of Crip gangs in here. The gangs from these hoods have a lot of history and have a lot to live up to, so be careful when entering this area, cause someone will ask you where you from.

Harvard Park

Harvard Park is one of the cities deadliest neighborhoods, this hood is small compared to others on this list, but it is very dangerous here.

Harvard Park is home to some of the most violent blood sets the Harvard Park Brims, but they are surrounded by crips. As of late the Crip and Blood rivalry has been escalating, and is making it dangerous for all its residents, civilians and gang members are getting killed due to ongoing gang wars.

Harvard Park is situated in south Los Angeles, to get to it, you need to drive through multiple gang infested territories.

Harvard Park is also home to some of the most violent and dealiest crip on crip wars, between the 83 Gangster Crips and the Rollin 60s Crips. Be cautious when you are riding through here.

Westmont/Vermont Vista

These neighborhoods together have a section called the “death alley”. A 2 mile stretch of South Vermont Ave has one of the highest rates of homicide in all of LA county.

This area of LA has a never ending cycle of gang wars. Westmont in particular is one of the deadliest places to live. Westmonts homicide rate is the same as the combined total of: Highland Park, Glendale, Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Glassell Park and Atwater Village, an area with 14 times as many residents and the same kind of gang issues.

Nearly every street in this area is claimed by gangs like the Underground Crips, South Los, The Hoovers, 83 Gangsters, Raymond Ave Crips and Rollin 100s

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