Who Started the Bloods?

Even if you were living under a rock your entire life, you would know who the Bloods and Crips are. The Bloods are one of the largest street gangs in the world and are most known for the rivalry between the Crips. So how did this rivalry come to be, and who started the Bloods? […]

Blood Gangs in Compton California

Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles County, Compton has earned a reputation that extends far beyond its city limits. While the city has been home to a vibrant culture and a rich history, it has also been marked by the presence of street gangs, with the Bloods being one of the most prominent. In […]

Inglewood Gangs up to no Good

Inglewood is a city in the southwestern part of Los Angeles County, California, USA. It’s known for its cultural diversity, but like many urban areas, it has faced challenges related to crime and gangs. It is also considered to be one of the most dangerous hoods in LA. Over the years, Inglewood has had periods […]

What is the Largest Gang in America

Gangs in America have grown to such large numbers its hard to keep track of which gang is the largest. There is no doubt that the type of gang that is largest are street gangs, as their numbers surpass any type of other gang in the world. Lets take a look at what the largest […]

The Piru Gang Signs you should know when visiting Compton

gang hats

The Pirus are considered to be one of the earliest gangs to join the blood alliance. Some Piru sets consider Pirus to be a different breed of Bloods. If you weren’t in the know, how would you differentiate between a Piru gang member and a Blood member? This is where some people have some confusion, […]

Is Kendrick Lamar Affiliated with a Gang

kendrick blood

Kendrick Lamar is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He was born on June 17, 1987, in Compton, California. Lamar first gained major recognition with his 2012 album “good kid, m.A.A.d city,” which received critical acclaim and commercial success. His thought-provoking lyrics, storytelling ability, and distinctive flow have made him one of the most […]

Is John Wall Gang Affiliated

john wall bloods

John Wall is a dominant NBA basketball player, but he has seen some controversy not only on the floor, but off the floor. Videos surfaced of John Wall throwing up Blood gang signs, as well as a red bandana, representing the Bloods Gang. This video has left people guessing if John was is a Blood, […]

Who is YG 400 and is he gang affiliated?

yg bloods

YG is a Compton-born rapper who has made a name for himself in the music industry through his unique blend of West Coast gangsta rap and politically charged lyrics. While he initially gained notoriety for his affiliation with the Bloods gang, YG has since distanced himself from gang life and focused on his music career. […]

Mob Ties with the Eastside MOB Piru

MOB Piru

One of Compton’s most notorious gang thanks to Suge Knight former CEO of Death Row Records, the Eastside MOB Piru is one of the most heavy hitting Blood/Piru sets that was known to put in work. Also known as MOB Piru or Insane MOB Piru, that gang has been around since the 70s. Mob Piru […]

Choppin wood with the Cedar Block Piru

cedar block piru

Compton is known for its Blood and Piru gangs. One of the Piru gangs that has built a pretty big reputation is the Cedar Block Pirus. The Cedar Block Piru is a much smaller Blood set located in Compton, but has proven themselves by going up against some bigger sets in the area. The gang […]