The Pirus are considered to be one of the earliest gangs to join the blood alliance. Some Piru sets consider Pirus to be a different breed of Bloods. If you weren’t in the know, how would you differentiate between a Piru gang member and a Blood member? This is where some people have some confusion, with this article we plan lay out a few differences between some Pirus and Bloods. This will give you more insight on the Piru gangs, and will give you a better understanding of Piru Gang signs.

Piru Gang Hand Signs

One of the biggest indicators for non gang members or opposing gangs members (opps) is that Piru members will often throw up different hand signs than Blood gang members.

Piru members like most street gangs have their own hand signs. Bloods will usually throw up the “B” with their fingers. With Piru members they will throw up the “P” or they will throw up the letter that most represents their gang.

Common Piru Gang Signs

Pirus show affiliation to the gang with common signs. Some common signs are regular graffiti showing “Piru” or “P”. Graffiti in neighborhoods, especially in Compton are known for having the Piru gang sign spray painted on corners and buildings.

Other common Piru gang signs can include

Piru Hats

Gangs are known to wear hats, to show affiliation. Some of the hats Piru members wear are dependent on the hood they are from. For example, Cedar Block Piru, wear the Cincinnati Reds hat, other Pirus will wear the Pittsburg Pirates Hat, for the “P”. Another common hat Pirus will wear is the maroon Philly hat with the “P”.

Here is a list of hats Pirus wear:


Jerseys are like the hats, most Piru gangs will show their signs based on the logo of the sports team. So you will most likely see each Piru set repping the sport team of their gang.

Piru Colors

Although some Pirus are bloods not all Pirus like to affiliate with the Blood gang signs. This is why you will see some Piru gang sets repping the color burgundy or maroon, as it is a “deeper” red color. This is just to differentiate themselves and say they are not Blood.

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