The Tree Top Piru or TTP, are a street gang that first originated in Compton, California. Members of the gang are known to refer to Compton as Bompton. The Tree Top Pirus main gang activities include, murder, assault with deadly weapons, robberies and are also involved in the drug trade on the street level. TTP is one of LAs active Blood Sets.

According to documented law enforcement reports, the TTP gang has around 200 members with close to 100 members being active. Like most street gangs, members of the TTP are jumped in, or get put on by family members of the gang.

Members of the gang are able to earn more respect and move up the ranks by putting in work or doing dirt. This means they would involve themselves comiting crimes to elevate the gangs status. Some of these cases will get discussed later in this article.

Lets take a closer look at more details of the TTP.

Westside TTP

The Westside TTP first originated in Compton, California, they first formed in the 1970s and are one of the earlier known blood sets in California. Like most blood sets they rep the color red, but the TTP also rep maroon and dark green.

The gang has uprooted from California and know have multiple sets across the country that operate independently from each other, but are affiliated with eachother. The Westside Tree Tops are known for their excessive violence and several of their members have been convicted of violent crimes.

The original gang claims the northern region in Compton, which is south of Rosecrans ave between Aranbe Ave and Acacia ave. The Westside TTP are another street gang that is made up of multiple cliques.

There are the:

The 500 and 600 block is west of Arane Ave, the 800 block and the 900 block represents N. Hickory Street.

Rivals of the west side ttp will often refer to them as “Tank Tops” or “Fruit loops”

Maryland TTP

Tree Top Piru has another set in Maryland, this crew is referred to as the Murdaland Mafia Pirus, and are considered to be very dangerous.

TTP was allegedly started in the Washington County Dentention Center in Hagerstown Maryland.

The alleged leader of this set is Steve Willock.

in 2008, 28 members of the Maryland Tree Tops were indicted for conspiracy to participate in a racketeering enterprise, and conspiracy to distribute drugs and guns.

The following defendants are charged in the indictment:

Steve Willock, age 28, of Hagerstown;
Jerrod Fenwick, age 27, of Baltimore;
Kevin Gary, age 26, of Baltimore;
Shonn Eubanks, age 35, of Baltimore;
Van Sneed, age 31 , Baltimore
Troy Smith, age 25, of Baltimore County;
Ronnie Thomas, age 34, of Baltimore;
Sean Frazier, age 24, of Baltimore;
Allen Smith, age 27, of Baltimore;
Orlando Gilyard, age 21, of Baltimore County;
Sherman Pride, age 33, of Salisbury;
Tracey Whiting, age 23, of Baltimore;
Shaneka Penix, age 22, of Baltimore;
Diane Kline, age 30, of Hagerstown;
Sherry Brockington, age 23, of Baltimore;
Michelle Hebron, age 23, of Hagerstown;
Anthony Fleming, age 21, of Baltimore;
Tat Burch, age 25, of Baltimore;
Keili Dyson, age 25, of Baltimore;
Naeem Jones, age 29, of Baltimore;
Antwoine Gross, age 21, of Baltimore County;
Tavon Howard, age 22, of Baltimore;
Clyde Miller, age 22, of Baltimore County;
Tavon Mouzone, age 22, of Baltimore County;
Antonio Smith, age 25, of Baltimore;
Roland McClain, age 31, of Baltimore County;
Emmanuel Fitzgerald, age 33, of Baltimore;
Keon Williams, age 26, of Baltimore.

The indictment was the culmination of a long term investigation on the Maryland based gang.

in the indictment the states attorneys office said this about the gang:

“The Tree Top Piru gang members prided themselves on monopolizing, paralyzing, and terrorizing neighborhoods to promote their criminal activity and protect their turf,”


TTP Rivals

Famous Members

TTP was put on Heavy by the Bompton Rapper YG. YG is a member of the TTP and claims the 400 blocc of the gang.

Rapper YG, also known as YG 400, has released several notable songs throughout his career. Here are some of his best-known tracks:

  1. “My Nigga” (featuring Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan)
  2. “Who Do You Love?” (featuring Drake)
  3. “Big Bank” (featuring 2 Chainz, Big Sean, and Nicki Minaj)
  4. “FDT” (featuring Nipsey Hussle)
  5. “Left, Right” (featuring DJ Mustard)
  6. “Toot It and Boot It” (featuring Ty Dolla Sign)
  7. “Why You Always Hatin?” (featuring Drake and Kamaiyah)
  8. “Bicken Back Being Bool”
  9. “Handgun” (featuring A$AP Rocky)
  10. “My Hitta” (featuring Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan)
  11. “Twist My Fingaz”
  12. “Do It to Ya” (featuring TeeFLii)
  13. “Suu Whoop”
  14. “Still Brazy”
  15. “Go Loko” (featuring Tyga and Jon Z)
  16. “Stop Snitchin”
  17. “BPT”
  18. “Bompton”
  19. “Sorry Momma” (featuring Ty Dolla Sign)
  20. “I Wanna Benz” (featuring 50 Cent and Nipsey Hussle)

These songs showcase YG’s energetic flow, West Coast sound, and often address themes related to his upbringing in Compton, California.

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