The Long Standing History of the Bloods and the Sets in LA

The bloods spread far across LA, most blood neighbourhoods are bordered by rivaling crip gangs. From Compton all the way to Rosewood, here is a list of every single Blood/Piru Set in the Los Angelas County.

Every Active Blood Set in Los Angelas


  • Center View Piru
  • Cales Park Loks
  • Cabbage Patch Piru
  • Samoan Warrior Bounty Hunters
  • Scotts Dale Piru
  • West Side Piru


  • 135 Pirus
  • 900 Block Bloods
  • Campanella Park Pirus
  • Cedar Block Pirus
  • Cross Atlantic Pirus
  • East Compton Piru
  • East Side Pirus
  • Elm Street Pirus
  • Fruit Town Pirus
  • Holly Hood Pirus
  • Leuders Park Pirus
  • Lime Hood Pirus
  • Neighbor Hood Pirus
  • Mob Piru
  • Original Block Pirus
  • Tree Top Pirus
  • Village Town Piru


  • 92 Bishop Bloods


  • Harthone Piru


  • Avenue Piru Gang
  • Center Park Blood
  • Centinela Park Family
  • Crewnshaw Mafia Gangster Bloods
  • Inglewood Family Gang
  • Neighbor Hood Piru
  • Queen Street Blood
  • Weirdos Blood

Los Angeles

  • All for Crime
  • Be-Bopp Watts
  • Black P Stones-City
  • Black P Stones-Jungles
  • Blood Stone 30s Pirus
  • Blood Stone Villains
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Circle City Piru
  • Denver Lane Bloods
  • East Site Pain
  • Family Swan Bloods
  • Fruit Town Brims
  • Hacienda Village Bloods
  • Harvard Park Brims, 62
  • Mad Swan Bloods
  • Miller Gangster Bloods
  • Nieghbor Hood Rollin 20s
  • Outlaw 20s
  • Pacoima Pirus
  • Pueblo Bishop Bloods
  • Rollin 50s Brim
  • Van Ness Gangsters
  • Water Front Pirus


  • Mob Piru


  • Pasadena Denver Lanes
  • Pasadena Squiggley Lanes
  • Project Gangster Bloods


  • 456 Island Piru


  • 135 Pirus
  • Athens Park Bloods
  • Campenella Park Pirus

West Covina

  • West Covina Mob Piru

These are currently all the active Blood Sets in Los Angeles. The list is very extensive, but it is a lot smaller than it was back in the early stages of gang banging.

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