California was the birth place of the Bloods Street Gang that is known world wide. Before the Blood name came to be, they started off as a bunch of different Street Gangs. These gangs eventually joined together to stand up against the Crips. Their alliances formed what we know as the bloods today.

Oldest Blood Gangs in LA

East Side Mad Swan Bloods

The Mad Swans started out as the Main Street Swans at first, this was in the early 70s. They are also known as the The Byrd Gang.

East Side 92 Bishops

The Nine Deuce Bishops are one of the earliest blood gangs in LA. Bobby Lavender is considered one of the founding fathers of the gang.

West Side Denver Lanes

Also known as the Denver Lane Gangster Bloods, named from the street Denver Avenue, which is located between Hoover Street and Figueroa Street. One of their close Aliances include the Crewshaw Mafia Gang.

East Side Leuders Park Pirus

Known as the Luders Park Hustlers, one of the original gangs from the Blood Alliance in the 70s. Their claim to fame was employement from Death Row CEO Suge Knight. They worked security for him back in the 90s. One of their earliest rivals are the Compton Crips.

East Side Bounty Hunters

Originally known as the Green Jackets, forming in the late 60s. The Bounty Hunters are one of the largest Black Gangs in Watts.

Athens Park Bloods

Located on the West Side of Rosewood, their territory stretches from Figueroa Ave to Avalon Boulevard. In 2009 there was a huge sting, which lead to the arrest of twenty APB members, large amounts of drugs and weapons as well.

West Side Harvard Park Brims

The Harvard Park Brims are located on the west side of south LA. They started out as the LA Brims, and were one of the few independent gangs with no affiliation to the bloods or crips.

West Side Black P Stones

Consisting of the Jungles and the City subsets. They are one of most known and active street gangs. The Jungles is an apartment complex, and you are able to see it in the move Training Day with Denzel Washington.

West Side Pirus

Also known as the West Side Bompton Pirus was established by Benson Owens, who lived on Piru Street in the 70s.

East Side Rollin 20s Outlaws

The Rollin 20s Outlaw Bloods are the oldest blood sets. Located on the eastside of South LA close to Adams boulevard and central ave. This part of LA is called the Low Bottoms.


Today we can now see the impact of some of these older Blood gangs. There are now hundreds of different Blood sets all around the world, and they would not be around today if these original gangs didn’t come together to create one of the largest Street Gangs ever.

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