Top 10 Street Knowledge Facts About the Bloods

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West Coast Blood Gang History

Who are the bloods? The Bloods are one of north Americas biggest street gangs. Blood Gang knowledge is widely known, but we have the best facts you need to know to learn about the gangs long standing history in the United states.

Consisting of members all around the world, the majority of members are black but have different ethnic backgrounds across the country. They were founded in Los Angeles, California, just like their biggest rival gang the Crips. The biggest tell that a blood gang member has, is their red attire. Red is the color of choice for all Blood gang members. There is a lot of confusion, especially know a days in main-stream, between the difference of a Blood gang member and a Piru Gang member. For arguments sake, we will talk about both gangs, but will refer to them as one of the same gang, with the same members. The Pirus and Bloods are going under the same Blood Affiliation and both have piru gang signs and both have blood gang signs.

Who Started the Gang

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The bloods were formed to compete and rival the Crips gangs in L.A. In the 1960’s, the first Blood Street Gang was formed. It was founded by Raymond Washington, Sylvester Scott, and Benson Owens. They called themselves the West Piru Street Gang. From continued intimidation and assaults from neighboring Crip gangs, non crip gangs decided to join forces with the Pirus, this eventually lead to the conception of the gang we know today as the Bloods. In turn the Pirus, are still thought to be the first and original Blood gang.

Leader of the bloods gang

There is a lot of debate on who the leaders of the bloods and pirus is. The gang is so huge that it doesn’t have one leader. Each set and sub set is ran and run as a separate gang of its own. So there are tones of leaders and tons of bosses.

Hand Signs and Meanings

blood gang hand signs

Like most gangs, members of the bloods throw up signs with each other to communicate. In gang culture this is called blood stacking, blood gang members throw up blood hand signals and signs to  The most recognized blood gang sign is the b, shaped with the index finger and the thumb making a circle of the b, and the rest of the fingers point straight up. Check out the pictures.

Gang Sayings

There is a ton of different blood gang sayings but here are the most popular ones that you hear the most.
Bompton: how bloods refer to Compton
Crab: a derogatory term to label a member of the Crips
CK: Crab killer
Another thing to note is, blood members usually replace all their “C’s” with a B. For example, they say “whats brackin”, “boolin” etc.


A common handshake would be impossible due to the great amounts of bloods in the country. This is at times a huge misconception. Although, members of the same set will have a handshake with each other.

Bandanna Colors

Blood gang colors are red, and usually other shades of red like maroon. The bloods usually carry a red bandanna to show their colors. They also wear any red types of clothing, like red hats, shirts or pants to show the blood gang colors.

Gang Initiation

There is no set blood initiation to join the gang. The most common gang initiations are beat downs, robberies, a 1 on 1 fight with other prospects, or committing more serious crimes such as murder, for more info check out our article on how to join the bloods.

Different Blood Sets

As mentioned earlier the bloods are one of the biggest street gangs, also one of the biggest gangs in the world now. They are not as organized as other gangs but follow a similar culture. The gang is made up of hundreds of smaller different blood sets or crews. Each set is ran by a chosen leader or general. These sets operate and thrive separately on their own.
Affiliations and truces are developed separately as well.

Click here for list of all the blood sets

Famous Celebrities

famous blood rappers

There are a lot of bloods that have risen to stardom. Here are some of the most famous gang bangers that carry the blood name. The game, Big Fase 100, YG 400, Suge Night, Wacka Flocka Flme, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Jay Rock. Chris brown, Kendrick Lamar and others are also affiliated with the bloods.

Most famous bloods are usually involved in the music industry, and are rappers.

Blood Gang knowledge is always changing 

Active Blood Sets in Los Angeles

The Bloods street gang is considered to be one of the largest street gangs in the world. What a lot of people don’t know is, is that it is not just one large gang.

The Bloods consist of smaller Blood sets around California.

There are hundreds of these smaller “Sets” and these Sets are made up of more smaller sub sets that are usually based off each Block.

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