who are the crips?

The Crips are one of the biggest street gangs in the world. They were founded in Los Angeles, California. You can usually distinguish a Crip by what color he is wearing. Blue is the world wide color for all Crip gang members. Here is the most extensive Crip knowledge on the Internet.

They have built their reputation as being one the largest and the most violent street gangs in the America alongside their biggest rivals, the bloods.

Who Started the Crips?

crips founder

The history states that Stanley “tookie” Williams and Raymond Lee Washington started the Crips in 1969. They formed the gang to protect and battle other rival gangs in their area. Most gangs at this time started because of racial discrimination, and it was a way to stay safe and form a brotherhood with friends and others in your neighborhood. The same way prison gangs “clique” up.

What is the Crips Meaning

There is a lot of uncertainty of the meaning of the Crip name, some think its an acronym for “community restoration in progress”. Another theory is, when the crips first started they walked around with canes, and the local news called them cripples or crips for short.

Crip Gang Sign

crip gang sign

The crips gang sign is usually just a C shaped from your thumb and pointer finger, like the pictures displayed below.

Crip Gang Color

As mentioned before the crip color is blue, its normally a navy bandana that they use to represent their colors, but all shades of blue usually mean that person is repping a crip set.

Famous Crip Sets

There are a number of crip sets all around north America here are the most popular sets.

Rollin 60 Crips

The rollin 60s are a crip set in the Hyde Park are of South Los angeles, California. One of the oldest running crip sets, since their start in the mid 1970s. Check out their full history here.

Rollin 20 Crips

The rollin 20s are the second largest street gang on the east side of long beach, California. Check out their full history here.

Crip Initiation

There is no set initiation for getting into the gang. A lot of popular initiations are, getting beat up for 1 whole minute from all the members in the crew. There are also blood in blood out initiations, meaning, in order to get into the gang, you must kill someone. For females members, they must perform sexual acts, like having sex with all gang members, also called a gang bang.

Crip Sayings/Crip Lingo

Some popular lingo or sayings that crips usually say are:

BK: meaning Blood killer

Cuz: referring to another crip

Slob: an insult referring to a blood member

COB: Crips over bloods

Crip Handshake

With such a large sized gang there is no set handshake. Handshakes are different from set to set. It would be impossible for all members to have the exact same one.

Famous Crips

A number of different crip members are actually in famous celebrities. You have to remember that before they were famous a lot of these people came from rough neighborhoods and still had to fend for themselves while growing up in the ghetto. Here are some famous crip gang members.

Famous Crip Rappers

Probably the most famous crip is Snoop Dogg, every since his start on death row records he has been claiming Rolling 20s. Seen in the blockbuster hit Straight Outta Compton, you can see Snoop with a blue bandana walking into the studio. Some other famous crips include: Nate Dogg, Eazy-E, Warren G, Kurupt, MC Ren, Young Jeezy, Schoolboy Q, 40 Glocc, and Nipsey Hussle.

Biggest Rivals

Biggest rivals to the crips are all blood gang members. This has been an ongoing beef since conception of the gang. But most street gangs including Mexican and Asian gangs are all rivaling gangs.


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