insane crips

One of the most notorious gangs in Long Beach is the Insane Crips, you either are insane if you want to step to these guys, because they are INSANE.

The Insane Crips are from the East Side of Long Beach, and the policy for these guys when they were founded is that they were insane because they had to live up to the name. They did whatever it took to establish themselves as the top dog in Long Beach.

One famous East Side Rollin 20s Crip has said that he wanted to be an Insane Crip as all his cousins and homies repped Insane, but he jokingly said the Insane’s are too hard, so he took the other route.

The Insane Crips Gang are considered to be the largest Black gang on the East Side of Long Beach. There reach in Long Beach is felt from a number of gangs in the area.

The street gang first originally was located centrally, originating on 21st and Lewis Ave, and eventually spreading to the surrounding areas.

Like most Crip Gangs in Los Angelas which fall under Either The Neighborhood Alliance or the Gangster Alliance, the Insanes claim allegiance to the Eight Trey Gangsters.

The Insane Crips are one of the only Crip Gangs that rock a lot of red as their hood colors. The reason for this is due to their sub set colors.

The Insanes are made up of 3 different sets which are 3 different generations of the gang.

The first generation gang is considered to be the original Insane Crips which claimed 21st Street as their main hood, this is where most of the original members or OGs are from. The second generation is the Young Foundation Crew or YFC. The newest generation of the gang is the Baby Insane Crips or Baby Insanes which was established in the 90s, and claim 23rd.

The reason why they wear a lot of red is they wear the Cleveland Indians logo as they think it looks like a baby, which is red. The original Insanes wore Black and Gray as their primary colors because of the Oakland Raiders logo.

Insane Crip Enemies

Long Beach is a crazy city, its home to so many other street gangs, and because the Insane Crips are such a large gang, of course they are going to have some beefs.

The Insanes beef with The Rollin 20s, The Longos, Grape Street Crips, and most of the Neighbourhood Crips as they are part of the Gangster Crip Alliance.


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