One of Compton’s most notorious gang thanks to Suge Knight former CEO of Death Row Records, the Eastside MOB Piru is one of the most heavy hitting Blood/Piru sets that was known to put in work. Also known as MOB Piru or Insane MOB Piru, that gang has been around since the 70s.

Mob Piru started gaining mass notoriety during the 1990s when Death Row Records was doing it big on the West Coast music scene.

The gang has been around for a few decades now, and boasts a pretty large membership in Compton.

Pirus originated in Compton and would turn in Blood sets, like most blood sets the MOB Piru rep the color red for their piru gang colors.


Their turf is from Bullis Road in the west to Atlantic Avenue in the east, the 105 Freeway to the North and Rosecrans avenue to the south.

The MOB also claims most of the area along Long Beach Boulevard in Lynwood, which is North of Compton.

Other gangs in the area include:

Putting in Work

In 2008 a law enforcement operation called “Operation Killen Court” specifically targeted the Compton Gang. Authorities would state that the Mob Piru clique would be responsible for acts of violence and were the ring leaders in the area for the underground gun trade.

The investigation started on Chirstmas Eve in 2007 and would be responsible for the arrest of 24 Mob Piru members and 18 gun seizures.

The reason for the arrest was due to the killing of Kyutza Joan Herrera in Lynwood, authorities would pin this murder on 3 Mob Piru gang members. Herrera was a civilian and not affiliated to any gang. Due to this killing the State Attorney General’s office was involved to take down the gang.

Law enforcement would use wire taps, and electronic surveillance to monitor the gang’s activities. They would observe the gangs talking about buying and selling guns and well as murders that they committed.

They even state they were able to stop a shootout between the Mob Piru and the Insane Crips of Long Beach.



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