Compton is a city in LA that needs no introduction, you can say it is the birth place of Gangster Rap. There are a lot of gangs in Compton, and one of those gangs is the infamous South Side Crips or the double S gang. The SS Compton Crips are a long standing crip gang, so lets dive into this infamous gang and see what they are all about.

The gang was formed roughly in the 1970s near the westside of Long Beach Blvd.

During this time most of Compton was already ran by other gangs, so this was the only area that they were able to thrive.

The gang grew in the 80s during the crack epidemic, like most gangs. The South Side Crips also made bank and were able to establish multiple drugs houses throughout this hood.

SS Compton Crips Turf

The South Side Crips hold a decent sized area of turf, they claim the area from Compton Blvd to Greenlead Blvd, which is between Long Beach Blvd and Sante Fe ave.

Other gangs in the area include:

The Murder Of Tupac

in 1996 Tupac was at the top of the Rap Game. He was on Suge Knights record label, DeathRow Records. During a fight night in Las Vegas, a shooting occurred which involved Tupac and Suge shot. The shooting would end up claiming the life of Tupac.

One of the leading suspects was Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, a member of the South Side Compton Crips.

Due to Suge’s affiliation with the Mob Piru Gang of Compton, these 2 gangs would spark a deadly rivalry.

Allies of the Gang


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