Long Beach is a city in Los Angeles County, which is home it almost half a million people. Of those half a million people, a lot of those people belong to Gangs or are associated with gang violence.

Long Beach itself is known for its waterfront views and attractions, which includes the permanently docked RMS Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific. It is also popular place for race car fans as its hosts the Grand Prix of Long Beach which is an IndyCar race.

To anyone that doesn’t live here, Long Beach looks like an amazing place to live, its got great food, great night life, and great attractions. What a lot of people don’t know though is, Long Beach has been plagued with Street Gang Violence for decades.

Long Beach is a city of beautiful homes and dangerous gangs.

Gangs have existed in Long Beach for a really long time, and with the introduction of crack cocaine in the 80’s it made it super lucrative for a lot of these gangs, which drove the crime and gang activities higher. The introduction of this deadly drug, is thought to be the reason for a lot of the turf wars in Long Beach, as money is the motivation for a lot of gang bangers.

City Profile

Long Beach is located on the coast and has a population of around 450,000 people.

The housing costs in the LBC remain some of the highest in the USA.

Due to the numerous gangs in the city, the Long Beach Crime rate is higher than the national average by 35.4%.

Based on a survey, 29% of residents believed Long Beach was safe, and 71% of residents said there is a lot of crime and they were hesitant to walk the streets alone at night.

Types of Gangs in LBC

In Long Beach there are all kinds of gangs, from different ethnic backgrounds, to different core gangs.

On the North Side of Long Beach, the North Side Longos who are a hispanic gang, they beef with a Crip Gang called the Brickboy Crips, who are a Black gang. The Brickboy Crips have an alliance with multiple Crip Neighborhoods from California, which help with their rivalry with the Longos.

Some other Northside gangs include, the North Side Asian Boys, who also beef with the Longos. The Rollin 20s Crips stay on the North Side as well.

In the West side of Long beach there are some seriously active gangs. On the westside you have the West Side Rollin 80s Crips, The Sons of Somoa Gangster Crips who beef with each other, who both beef with the West Side Longos.

On the East Side of Long Beach you have a hood made famous by Snoop Dogg, who was an East Side Rollin 20s Crip. The east side of long beach is active. The east side is found on the other side of the Los Angeles River where you will find the Pacific Coast Highway aka the PCH, or Pimps, Crips and Hoes.

The PCH is similar to Figueroa in Los Angeles as it is super active, and gangs are always on patrol.

One of the more prominent gangs on the East side of Long Beach is the Insane Crips aka the Baby Insane Crips or BIG. The Insane Crips are considered one of the biggest Crip sets on the east side, and they have been beefing with the East Side Rollin 20s for years.

The 20s beef with the SOS Gangster Crips.

Sons Of Somoa also have a sub set known as suicidal town. Suicidal Town is part of the Long Beach SEA alliance, which consists of Suicidal Town, Exotic Family, and the Asian Boyz

List of Street Gangs

Crime Rate

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