The city of Long Beach is a crazy city, it has tons of gang violence and a lot of different gangs. Long beach gangs consists of different nationalities and backgrounds, some black, asian and hispanic. Of those gangs one of the longest standing gangs who are still very active in the streets is the Longos.

The Longos are hated by most crews in Long Beach, it is also one of the largest as it is made up of different sections and sets. The Varrio Longo 13 is the largest Sureno Gang in the Long Beach Area.

The Longos name comes from the Long in Long Beach. They took on the 13 like most Mexican Hispanic gangs that fall under the Surenos.

The Longos have occupied Long beach since the 60s, but due to internal issues and beefs they split into two sides, forming the east side and West Side Longos. The North side followed after.

In the 60s when immigration to the United States first started happening, a lot of South East Asian countries were settling in the Long Beach area, the area where the Longos were calling home.

For this reason the Longos treated new immigrants with huge disrespect, they would bully these new immigrants, which would force the new immigrants to band together to create new gangs. This is the reason why we have Asian Gangs like the Asian Boyz and the Tiny Raskals in the Long Beach area. Thus starting there decades long beef with both gangs.

The Different Longo Sets in the LBC

Due to internal beefs with each other The Longos were divided by sides. The two sides didn’t see eye to eye which caused a separation.

There is the East Side Longos, who are the largest, the West Side Longos and the North Side longos. There are other Longos sets In Tijuana, Bakersfield and Washington as well, but for this article we are going to cover just the Long Beach Longos sets.

Eastside Longos (ESL)

Eastside Longos claim the area around MacArthur Park which is situated on Anaheim Street and are based in the central area of Long Beach. Their approximate turn area is from Daisy st to Juniper Ave between the PCH and 4th street.

ESL shares this area with a couple of their enemies, which are the Rolling 20 Crips and the Insane Crips.

Westside Longos (WSL)

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