One of the most ruthless and dangerous gangs in America, the Asian Boyz do not mess around.

“A Gang or don’t bang” This is their motto, and they mean it.

The Asian Boyz are a street gang in the United States that are predominantly from South East Asia. The Asian Boyz have a large presence in California and have subsets all around the United States.

The Asian Boyz have a history of violent crimes that stem all the way back into the 90s.

Like most asian street gangs the Asian Boyz first formed from families immigrating into the US and being victims of racism, prejudice and bullying.

What the bullies and other gangs didn’t realize about the Asian Boyz is that they were used to way worse conditions and have seen way more hardcore things growing up where they grew up, so life in California was a cake walk for them, and as soon as they started stepping up, everyone else started bowing down.

The History of the Asian Boyz

The Asian Boyz that are active now and still banging are based from multiple street gangs of similar names from back in the 90s. Here is a rundown of the history of how the Asian Boyz came to be what they are today.

Back in the early 1980s there was a crew in Long Beach called the Ultimate Wave Warrior Crew. This crew suffered from some internal issues so they decided to split. One half of the crew formed the Tiny Raskal Gang(TRG) and the other half formed the Long Beach Chapter of the Asian Boyz(ABZ).

This Long Beach crew is considered as one of the most influential sets in the Asian Boyz Gang.

The first ABZ clique started up in the east side of Long Beach, which formed around the mid 1990s. During this time period the ABZ started banging Crip, and were apparently given their Crip card by the Inside Crips Gang who also claim the East Side of Long Beach.

Something to note on this, is that, the Asian Boyz were beefing with a lot of other gangs, so some think that they joined the Crip movement to establish themselves as an even bigger threat.

In another part of California, in LA and the San Gabriel Valley, another Asian Boyz gang was started under the same circumstances as the Long Beach chapter.

In LA’s Chinatown area and Asian Boyz gang was started by some Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants. The long beach gangs at the time consisted of Cambodian members.

This crew would go by the Asian Boyz Insanity(ABI) name, which moved independently, but which later merged with the ABZ during the mid 1990s.

This merger led to the gang spreading to Monterey Park forming the Monterey Park ABZ which eventually became the West Side ABZ (WS ABZ).

Another crew was created to strengthen their ranks in San Gabriel Valley which was known as the San Gabriel North Side ABZ, they claimed Rosemead and other nearby cities.

Long Beach ABZ started recruiting heavy, and formed a set out in Northern California, in Frenso, Stockton, and Modesto.

A side from the ABZ in Long Beach, another important and influential crew that started off independently were the Van Guy Asian Boyz, which were originally the Asian Boys Style(ABS). The Van Nuys Asian boys would first form in the early 1990s and made a huge name for themselves on the streets, which led to a lot of bloody murders.

The Van Nuys were formed by Cambodians in the 90s and eventually cliqued up with the rest of the ABZ, but for a while they remained an independent crew which claimed ABS.

The Van Nuys made headlines back in the 1990s when there was a string of crazy gang activity of killings and shootings. This chain of events was labelled as the Summer of Madness.

This chain of events is believed to be the cause of the infamous beef between the Wah Ching Gang and the Asian Boyz.

Asian Boyz Rivals

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