The Sons of Samoa (SOS) are an active crip gang, that is a also a mainly samoan gang. Sons of Samoa are considered to be one of the first Samoan gangs that are part of the crip sub set.

Samoans come from Polynesia, which is a subregion of Oceania, made up of more than 1,000 islands scattered over the central and southern Pacific Ocean.

Samoans started to really immigrate the the United States closer to the 1950s when a lot of Samoans were immigrating to California and Hawaii. In 1972 the number of American Samoans living in the United States surpassed the Samoan population in Samoa, and California became the place with the most Samoan population in the world.

This brings us to how Samoans became gangster and got brought into the gang life.


The Sons of Samoa was formed in long beach California back in the 1980s. The Sons Of Samoa are considered to be one of the first Polynesian gangs to be born out of Long Beach.

Like most other Asian Gangs in Long Beach the SOS really started taking off in the 1980s due to so many other sets formed around this time. Long Beach is a very active area with different gangs really close together, just like gangs in LA.

By 1985 Sons of Samoa had an approximate 200 members all across Long Beach.

They became prime time when 2 SOS members attacked Long Beach Police offers, making Sons of Samoa Public Enemy #1.

Like most Asian Gangs, Sons of Samoa started due to bullying from other races and gangs that were established in the area.

Members of the gang are known to refer to Long Beach and Strong Beach to claim their hood.

Through the life of the gang, members are known to wear the Seattle Mariners hat which has the S. As they are known to call it the “Almighty S”.

The gang eventually had to migrate to different areas of the California and the USA to escape heat from the Police.

The Sons of Samoa have started up different cliques in Carson, Utah.

SOS Turf

Although they do not hold a large amount of turf the SOA make their presence felt. In the Long Beach area, they can be found at near Wardlow Street to Willow Street, between Webster Ave to the 710 Freeway.

Other gangs in their vicinity include:

Sons Of Samoa Allies and Rivals

The Sons of Samoa have allies with some Asian gangs in long beach which include ABZ Asian Boyz Crips, Exotic Family City Crips. They also have some alliances with a Tongan gang called the Tonga Crips Gang.

Their main rivals are Samoan Blood/Piru Gangs like the Carson West Side Piru, and the Scottsdale Piru.

In Long Beach there rivals include the Longo 13, Rollin 20s Crips, Insane Crips and Rollin 60s Crips, which are all gangs in Long Beach.

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