The Tongan Crips Gang are a crip gang formed in the 1980s formed by members of Tongan decent. If you are reading this and and are confused what a Tongan is, you are not alone. Tongans are a Polynesian people who are from the area called Polynesia. Tongans are some of the only other Polynesian street gangs.

You may see a Tongan and say they resemble a Samoan, which can be said for people who do not know about Tongans, but there are differences between the two cultures.

A little background on Tongans and Tonga.

Tonga is a Polynesian country, which is made up of 171 islands, of which 45 islands are inhabited.

Tongans first started immigrating to America in 1916, and not until the 1960s did more Tongans start coming to the United States. By the 1980s about 6200 Tongans were living in America due to scare jobs and homes in Tonga.

Like most street gangs in America, Tongan street gangs were formed to protect and unify against other street gangs. Growing up in America as an immigrant you are left to fend for yourself against other youth and gangs.

Tongans ended up settling mostly, in California and Utah, but are in some other states as well.

The TCG or Tongan Crip gang first started in Inglewood, California. The gang is now active in California, and Utah. It is very similar to the Sons of Samoa Crip Gang.

The Inglewood TCG claim the area around 102nd St and 104th St between Prairie Ave and Doty ave. They are the first and only Polynesian Gangs in Inglewood, which is a city mainly run by Bloods.

A lot of TCG members will sport the Texas Rangers or Texas Longhorns baseball caps as it sports a large letter “T” to represent Tonga.

Tongan Crip Gang Turf

The Original Tongan Crips first started Inglewood. Inglewood is home to dozens of active gangs, so this means the TGC is surrounded, which is almost like they are on an island like in Polynesia.

The Tongan Crips claim the area between, S Prairie Ave to Yukon Ave S, and from Century to W 104th St.

Other Gangs in the area include:

Tongan Crip Gang Crimes

Like other street gangs, the TCG commit robberies, burglaries, assault with deadly weapons and murder, the TCG are known to get down with anybody, and will shoot anybody. They “go hunting” for sport.

Tonga gang members are known for extreme beat downs, they will not only shoot you, but will beat you down bad.

In 2011 members of the Tongan Crip Gang in Utah were brought in on RICO charges.

After a five week long trial involving 7 TCG members, 6 of the 7 members were found guilty of various crimes of a racketeering conspiracy.

“The seven men, inlcuding David Kamoto, Eric Kamahele aka “Smooth,” Daniel Maumau aka “D-Loc,” Kepa Maumau aka “Kap-Loc,” Charles Moa aka “Slim-Loc,” Sitamipa Toki aka “Tok-Loc,” Mataika Tuai aka “Fish” and David Walsh aka “D-Nutt,” were among 17 suspected TCG members indicted on about 30 crimes — mostly robberies committed between 2003 and 2008″

Another news story put TCG on blast, when a member of the gang was shot in a courtroom, as he was trying to attack a defendant on the stand.

Tongan Crips Allies and Rivals

Tongan Crips in are allied with the 102nd Raymond Avenue Crips, they have a history together in Inglewood. They have an alliance with the Sons of Samoa, who are a Samoan Gang in Long Beach California.

Some of their enemies include the Main Street Mafia Crips, Crenshaw Mafia Gangster Bloods, Neighborhood Piru, Inglewood Family Bloods, LA Denver Lane Bloods, Avenue Piru Gang, Athens Park Bloods and they hate all Sureno Gangs.

Most Samoan Crip gangs, are enemies with Samoan Bloods, like the Carson West Side Pirus, Scott Park Pirus and Scottsdale Pirus.

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