Inglewood is a city in the southwestern part of Los Angeles County, California, USA. It’s known for its cultural diversity, but like many urban areas, it has faced challenges related to crime and gangs. It is also considered to be one of the most dangerous hoods in LA.

Over the years, Inglewood has had periods of higher crime rates, often associated with gang activity. However, it’s essential to note that the situation can change, and communities work hard to address these issues. Various factors contribute to crime, including socioeconomic conditions, education, and community programs.

Efforts to reduce crime typically involve a combination of community policing, youth programs, and social services. It’s important to recognize the resilience and strength of communities in their efforts to improve safety and quality of life.

Crime Rate in Inglewood

The 2020 crime in in Inglewood California is 1.3 times higher than the U.S average. It is higher than 90.5% of U.S cities.

Inglewood Annual Crimes

Number of Crimes6512,7153,366
Crime Rate
(per 1,000 residents)

Your chances of being a victim of a violent crime in Inglewood is 1 in 162, in California its 1 in 227. With this statistic Inglewood has a big crime problem.

How to Gangs Affect Crime in Inglewood

Historically, Inglewood has faced challenges related to gang activity, and at times, gang-related crime has been a contributing factor to the overall crime rate in the city. However, it’s crucial to note that the situation is dynamic, and communities often work on various initiatives to address these issues.

Efforts to reduce gang-related crime typically involve a combination of law enforcement strategies, community outreach, and social programs aimed at providing alternatives and support for individuals at risk of involvement in gangs.

Community leaders, law enforcement, and residents often collaborate to create safer neighborhoods and opportunities for positive engagement. It’s essential to stay informed about current conditions, local initiatives, and the ongoing efforts to address crime and gang-related issues in Inglewood.

List of Gangs in Inglewood California


  • Imperial Village Gangster Crips (IVGC)
    • 113rd Street
    • 115th Street
    • 118th Street
    • 119th Street
  • Tongan Crip Gang [TCG / T-Gang]
    • 102nd Street Bone Fam
    • 104th Street Nut Fam
  • Raymond Avenue Crips [RAC]
    • 102nd Street
    • 103rd Street
  • Osage Legends Crips [OLC]
    • 92 Blocc

Bloods [Damus & Pirus]

  • Inglewood Family Gangster Bloods (IFGB)
    • 77th St. Family (Border Ratz)
    • Bolder Rock Family
    • Rollin 80’s NeighborHood Family
    • 92nd St. Family (Darby Park)
    • Ransom Gangster Family
    • 94th St.
  • Arbor Village Family Bloods [AVF]
    • 94th Street
  • Centinela Park Family Bloods (CPF)
    • 63 St
    • 64 St
    • 65 St
    • 68 St
  • Inglewood Neighborhood Piru (NHP)
    • Stepney Street
    • 500 Block
    • 700 Block
    • 800 Block
    • 64th Street
    • 68th Street
  • Queen Street Gangster Bloods [QSGB]
    • 400 Block
    • 300 Block
    • 500 Block
    • 600 Block
  • Avenue Piru Gang [APG]
    • 104th St.
    • 108th St.
    • 109th St.
  • Crenshaw Mafia Gangster Bloods [CMG]
    • Bartdon Block
    • Bottomsville
    • Darby Park
    • Dime Block
    • 104th Street
  • Doty Block Gangster Bloods [DBG]
    • 106th St.
  • Weirdoz Gangster Bloods
    • 111th St.
  • Center Park Gangster Bloods [CPG]
  • Inglewood Pimp Gangster Bloods (IPGB)
    • Kelso St
    • Inglewood Ave
    • Hillcrest St
    • Nutwood Ave

Hispanic Gangs

  • Inglewood X3
    • Rascal Locos
    • Tiny Locos
    • Dukes
    • Hyde Park Side
    • 98th Street Locos
  • Los Compadres Varrio X3
  • Evil Wicked Familia [Evilwood] X3
    • Evil Ways Locos
    • La Palma Street
    • Original Boys
  • Up In Smoke X3
    • 10th Avenue
  • West Side Socios X3
  • Lennox X3 [Lennox Boys, West Side Lennox]
    • Winos
    • Nightowls
    • Tokers
    • Jokers
    • Mexican Powers
    • Tiny Locos
    • Baby Locos
    • Dukes
    • Cycos
  • Tepa X3
    • 106th Street
    • Original Gangsters Locos
    • Nightowls Locos
    • Midget Locos
    • Winos
    • Tiny Locos
    • Baby Locos
    • Brown Rascals
  • Krazy Crowd X3
    • 104th Street Young Gunners
    • 111th Street
  • Rascals X3
    • West Side Street Rascals
  • 18th Street Gang [Barrio Eighteen Street / Calle Diesiocho] XV3
    • 106th Street
    • Tiny Winos
  • Varrio Malditos X3
    • 104th Street Bottoms Locos
    • Rascal Locos
  • 40 Ounce Posse X3
    • 104th Street
    • Diablos
  • La Raza X3
  • Muertos X3
    • 102nd Street Rebels

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