What did Nipsey Hussle do for the community?

In the realm of hip-hop, Nipsey Hussle was more than just a rapper; he was a visionary, entrepreneur, and a true community leader. Born Ermias Joseph Asghedom on August 15, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, Nipsey Hussle left an indelible mark on the world before his tragic death on March 31, 2019. Beyond his undeniable […]

10 of the Most Famous Crip Rappers

Ever since the birth of Gangster Rap and Hip Hop/Rap, the genre has been associated with gangsters and street culture. With Rap and Hip Hop now being the most popular genre there is obviously going to be real gangsters that rap. Gangsters and people from the streets have recognized that in order to make it […]

What Gang is Polo G in?

Polo G is a rapper from Chicago that reps the crew SedVille/TTG/1300! Who is Polo G? In the dynamic world of hip-hop, where artists often emerge from the crucible of adversity, Polo G stands out as a rising star with a story deeply rooted in the streets of Chicago. Born Taurus Bartlett on January 6, […]

Johnny Torrio: The Underworld Architect of Prohibition-Era Chicago

The annals of organized crime in America are replete with larger-than-life figures who left indelible marks on the criminal landscape. Among these, Johnny Torrio stands out as a key architect of the Prohibition-era underworld, a shrewd and influential mobster who played a pivotal role in the rise of Al Capone and the establishment of the […]

Al Capone: The Infamous Mobster Who Ruled the Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties, a decade marked by economic prosperity and cultural change, also bore witness to the rise of organized crime in the United States. At the center of this underworld stood Al Capone, a figure so notorious that his name is synonymous with the gangster era. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the […]

Blueface: is he really a Crip or is it Cap?

school yard crips

In the realm of contemporary hip-hop, a name that has been making waves and captivating audiences with his distinct style and unapologetic demeanor is Blueface. With his signature offbeat flow and unfiltered lyricism, this West Coast rapper has carved out a unique lane for himself in the competitive music industry. In this article, we will […]

Gang Affiliations: What Gang was Tupac in

was tupac a blood

Tupac Shakur had associations with gangs during his life, but it’s important to understand the context and complexities of his involvement. Growing up, Tupac was exposed to a challenging environment, particularly in his early years in neighborhoods like East Harlem and later in Oakland, California. Throughout his career Tupac was involved with Death Row Records, […]

Blood Members that can Rap

gang members in rap

Gangster rap, also known as West Coast rap or G-funk, originated in the mid-1980s in the United States. It emerged primarily from the West Coast, particularly in the city of Los Angeles, California. The exact origin can be attributed to a few key events and artists. So it is no coincidence that the West Coast, […]

Is Kendrick Lamar Affiliated with a Gang

kendrick blood

Kendrick Lamar is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He was born on June 17, 1987, in Compton, California. Lamar first gained major recognition with his 2012 album “good kid, m.A.A.d city,” which received critical acclaim and commercial success. His thought-provoking lyrics, storytelling ability, and distinctive flow have made him one of the most […]

Is John Wall Gang Affiliated

john wall bloods

John Wall is a dominant NBA basketball player, but he has seen some controversy not only on the floor, but off the floor. Videos surfaced of John Wall throwing up Blood gang signs, as well as a red bandana, representing the Bloods Gang. This video has left people guessing if John was is a Blood, […]