San Diego has a gang problem, and it is right out in the open. Gang related violent crimes has been on the rise, and it involves a lot of shootings and ghost guns.

There has been a 129% increase in gang related shootings since January 1st of 2021 compared to the same time in 2020..

With San Diego being so close to the Mexican border, there is a lot of traffic that comes from the south, whether that be good or bad.

San Diego is a city on the west coast in California which is located immediately adjacent to the Mexico and United States border. San Diego is home to almost 1.4 million people and is the 8th most populous city in the U.S. The county has almost 3.4 million people.

Crime in San Diego

San Diego is like most major cities in the U.S, it has a bad gang problem. Due to the location of the city, Mexican Cartels can easily transport weapons and drugs across the border to supply local street gangs with supplies.

In the late 200s the gang problem was finally addressed by the city to try to stop the crime rate.

The city of San Diego planned to focus on prevention and intervention at the neighborhood level. They formed a commission to stop gangs which focused on four major components:

  1. Restore San Diego neighborhoods to pre gang infested levels, by reducing gang violence and activity.
  2. Facilitate community involvement.
  3. Prevent growth of gang activity and violence.
  4. Pursue necessary funding

With the ongoing gang violence it could be said that this initiative has not been successful.

Although there is a lot of gang violence, overall San Diego’s crime rate is relatively low compared to the rest of the United States. San Diego is actually considered to be within the top twenty safest cities in the United States.

Do not let the low crime rate fool you though, San Diego is a major port in the international illegal drug trade, with Fentanyl and Meth being its top import, which is brought in and trafficked by the infamous Sinaloa Cartel. With the cartel also comes death and human trafficking.

Drug Trafficking

San Diego’s crime and gang activity have been tied to drug trafficking for years. In the 1980s the city was the meth capital of the United States. The Hells Angels MC were the biggest player in the 60s when it came to moving meth.

As mentioned due to San Diego being so close to the Mexican border, a lot of drug trafficking happens in this region.

Meth, Heroin and marijuana in particular are ready available just south of the border. About 70% of the meth from Mexico is coming through San Diego’s ports.

Currently Fentanyl has seen a huge rise in production and trafficking, which has become a major concern for residents and law enforcement across the country. Most of the fentanyl being trafficked into the U.S. is primarily being manufactured and smuggled into the city by the Sinaloa Cartel who still move Cocaine and Meth as well.

The Cartels use street gangs as a way to move drugs onto the street level, with networks that can move it throughout the country.

List of Gangs in San Diego

  • Rollin 20’s West Coast Crips
  • Rollin 30’s West Coast Crips (Blue & Gold)
  • Rollin 40’s NeighborHood Crips (Colors: Carolina Blue/White)
  • 13th Street National City Crips (Active)
  • 17th Street National City Crips
  • 45 Samoan Crips
  • Sons of Samoa
  • Bahala Na Barkada
  • Bloccide Crips (defunct)
  • East Dago Mob 44,46
  • Africa Mafia Crips
  • Mira Mesa Playboy Crips
  • Rollin 60’s Linda Vista Crips
  • Tiny Oriental Crips
  • Garden Boy Crips
  • Oriental Mob Crips
  • Tiny Eastside Crips
  • Viet Boyz
  • Asian Crip Boyz
  • Deep Valley Crips
  • (ES )Crook Mob Gangster Crips (brown /blue
  • Westside Crips (defunct)
  • Hillcrest baby boy crip



  • Ocean View Park Brims
  • 95 murder gang
  • Crestwood Park Damus
  • E/S 59 Brims – Basement Block Brims
  • Syndo Mob Bloods (S.M.B)
  • Emerald Hills Bloods – E/H/B (gray rag)
  • Up Town “LiL’Africa” Pirus – L/A/P (color:red)
  • Lincoln Park Bloods – L/P/B (green rag)
  • O’Farrell Park Gangsters – O/P/B (black rag)
  • Skyline Piru – E/S/P (maroon rag)
  • Skyline Parkside Piru
  • Skyline Samoa 54 Piru
  • Bahala Na Gang
  • B Down Boys
  • Akrho Pinoy
  • Asian Insane Bloods
  • South Side Syko Posse (defunct)
  • GroveTown Murder Krew
  • Casa de Oro Bloods
  • Samahang Dugong Pinoys
  • Deep Valley Bloods (red rag)
  • MOB (Mecca)
  • Oak Park Piru


  • Varrio Chompster Bob 13
  • Four Corners of the World (defunct)
  • Stateside Islanders
  • Satanas
  • Oriental Killer Boys
  • Tiny Rascals Gang
  • Black Mob
  • Varrio San Marcos Ghost Town V/S/M/G/T/ (Blue rag)
  • Varrio Escondido Viejo Diablos 13
  • Varrio Mesa Locos
  • Weiner Side locos (Weiner Street in Chula Vista )
  • Tortilla Flats/Encinitas Flats
  • South Los: (Baby Locos/Tiny Locos)
  • Eastside Varrio Posole
  • Center Street
  • Esco Viejo Santos
  • West Side Gang
  • Varrio San Marcos: (Ghost Town, Wolf Pack)
  • Varrio Mesa Locos•
  • Carlos Malos/Carlsbad Locos
  • Vista Homeboys
  • Fallbrook Locos/SS Fallbrook
  • Ramona Town
  • Poway Hidden Hills
  • La Colonia Eden Gardens
  • Mid Valley 13
  • Oceanside Wicked Sureños
  • Valley Centro Gang
  • Carnales 13
  • Esco Viejo Diablos
  • South Oceanside/Oceanside Posse
  • Mira Mesa 13
  • Esco Viejo Eastside Gang
  • Esco Boys
  • Esco Town Bandits
  • Varrio Esco Viejo 13
  • Tri City Thunder Hills
  • Logan Heights/Barrio Logan: (Calle 30ta, 33rd, 13, Red Steps)
  • Sherman: Grant Hill Park, 20s, 27st)
  • Lomas 26st/Golden Hill: (Malos)
  • Shell-Town: (38st, Gamma Boys)
  • Encanto: (69st)
  • Lomita Village 70: (Traviesos)
  • Mountain View: (73 Locos)
  • Market Street Locos: (45th Street)
  • Varrio Chollas
  • Paradise Hills: (65st)
  • Wicked Klowns
  • Southeast Lokos: (50st.)
  • Burbank Ave. Soilders: (28st)
  • SFA(Sucka Free Krew) 29 Block
  • Still Kicking Ass: (32nd Street)
  • Brown And Proud: (49st)
  • 43rd Partyboyz
  • Crazy Latin Boys: (28st)
  • One Evil: (46th Street)
  • Trust No Soul (TNS): (50th Street)
  • Del Sol/419: (DeadEnd,Apt.Boys, Ruff City)
  • San Ysidro/Sidro Yard: (Malos, VillaLocos, TinyLocos, Peewees, Locotes, Lokos)
  • Nestor 19st: (Youngsters, Chicos)
  • Imperial 13: (Dukes, Raskols, Crazy Gang)
  • Palm City: (Familia Hispana)
  • Crazy Ass Latinos
  • Varrio Loco Otay: (Trece Boys, Rasta Boys, Riverbottom Locos)
  • Varrio Chula Vista: (G Street, South Bay Locos, Nutty Block, Grande Locos)
  • Old Town National City: (Olden Boys, Insane Boys, Enano Boys, Antiguos, Enanos)
  • South Side Mobb/National City Mobb
  • National City Locos
  • Acre Boys
  • Mid Town Klicka/Kriminals
  • Block Boys
  • Iris Avenue: (Insane Family)
  • Dairy Mart Locos
  • Diablos 13/SS Diablos: (Oro Vista Locos)
  • Westside Locos
  • Picador Blvd.
  • South San Diego: (Fuck Klowns, Sickos)
  • Spook-Town Gangsters: (27st)
  • Sunset Ave. Boys/722
  • Brandywine Locos 13
  • Telegraph Kanyon (SS’TK)
  • Kalle Palomar 13
  • SS’ Clarence Street
  • SBI (69LS)
  • Fifth Block Crazy Locos
  • South Side Criminals
  • Varrio Clairemont
  • Linda Vista 13: (Tiny Locos, Peewees)
  • Mission Bay Locos: (Grand Ave. Boys)
  • Wop Town: (Krazy Boys, Amicci Park Locos)
  • Old Town San Diego
  • West Side San Diego: FK/Luni Mobb
  • City Heights: (Juniors, Van Dyke Street, Insane Criminals)
  • East San Diego: (Diego Aztecs, Vagos, Dead End, Evil Boys)
  • Logan Heights Click
  • Oak Park Locos
  • Mexican Demon Locos
  • Get Down Posse
  • Normal Heights Locos
  • El Cajon Dukes
  • El Cajon Hoodlums
  • Spring Valley Locos
  • Orphans 13
  • Varrio Unidos Locos
  • Varrio Lemon Grove
  • ElCajon Locos
  • East County Boys


•Tiny Oriental Crips
•Neighborhood Crips: (41, 45, 47)
•West Coast Crips: (20’s, 30’s)
•Deep Valley Crips
•Insane Crip Gang
•Crook Mob Gangster Crips
•Westside Crips
•Linda Vista Crips
•East Daygo/Diego Mob: (44, 46)
•Somoa 45 Crip
•Oriental Mob Crip
•Mid Valley Insane Crip
•Asian Crip
•Upside Sic


•Skyline Piru: (Meadow Brook, 69)
•SouthSide Brims/5-9 Brims
•Lincoln Park Bloods: (Hatfield, Dip, Termites)
•B Down Boys
•Krook City Bloods
•Deep Valley Bloods
•O’Farell Park Banksters/Bloods
•Emerald Hills Bloods
•Little Africa Pirus
•Asian Insane Bloods/Boys
•Parkside Piru
•Casa De Oro Bloods
•Somoa 54 Piru
•Kelly Park Piru

Asian: (Non Crip/Blood)

•Asian Boyz
•619 Tiny Rascols
•Eazy Going Posse
•Tiny Eastside Criminal
•Insane Pinoy Tribe
•Insane Diego Mobb
•Oriental Boy Soldiers
•State Side Islanders
•Oriental Killer Boys
•Easy Going Pinoys
•Bahala Na Barkada
•Bahala Na Gang
•Kaduku Boys


•Four Corners of the World (FCW)
•Syko Posse (S3P)


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