The Eastside Skyline Piru has been around since the 1970s. It is a blood set in San Diego, California. Like most blood sets its primary color is red.

The Skyline Piru gang is made up of several smaller gangs which includes the O’Farrel Park gang.

One of the main rivals is the Lincoln Park gang which is also a Blood set.

The Skyline Piru has about 450 known or documented gang members most of which are Black.


The Skyline Piru’s turf is the southeast portion of the City of San Diego, primarily being the Skyline community. The gang claims the area from 58th Street or Valencia Parkway on the west, to the 125 freeway on the east, to about Imperial Avenue or Market Street on the norther, and to the 54 freeway on the south.

The Eastside Piru are known to actively defend their turf through violent acts.

Gang members of the Skyline Piru do not tolerate rival gang members coming into their area and selling drugs, wherever they consider their gang territory.


When in San Diego, you will distinguish Skyline Piru gang members by some common traits. Members will usually wear red and black clothing to represent the gang.

The gangs common gang signs or symbolds in the letters “P” or “Ru”, they will also use the number “80” for the 8000 block of Skyline.

Members of the Eastside Piru will often wear the Philadelphia Phillies logo, or clothing because it is usually red and has the “P” logo on it.

THey will also wear St. Louis Cardinals baseball jerseys or hats, and Jerry Rice’s San Francisco 49ers jersey as it has the 80.

Skyline History

Before the Eastside Skyline Piru was created, it was formed from members od San Diegos East Side Hanging gang as well as a Piru member from Compton.



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