The name might loo ridiculous to us now, but once upon a time the Almighty Gaylords were one of the most feared gangs in Chicago. The Almighty Gaylords are a street gang from the North Side of Chicago. Established in 1954 and are still going strong.

History of the Gang

Originating at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Noble Street in Chicagos West Town neighborhood. The gang found its name when the then president was reading up in the library. The strange name comes from Gaillard meaning people from Normandy who lived near the Chateau Gaillard.

In the early days the gang was not really a gang, but it had its start as a softball club known as the Junior Postal. The club would eventually transform into a street gang before 1954.

Other Softball clubs of the time were the Ramrods, Scorpions and the Demons.

At the time of the inception of the name, Gay was not used how it is used now, gaylord denoted bravery and strength.

Original members of the Almighty Gaylords were mostly Italian and Irish.

The Gaylords were known as a greaser gangs for their greased black hair and other traits that most greaser gangs share.

The gangs in the 1960s including the Gaylords were not violent gangs, but would involve into them.

Gaylord and People Alliance

In 1970, Larry Hoover leader of the Gangster Disciples recruited the Almighty Gaylords to the People Alliance. Jeff Ford leader of the El Rukns started recruiting other gangs to the Folk Nation. This recruiting would change the face of Chicago gangs forever.

Both leaders would start recruiting selective Spanish gangs into they folds.

A war was building, with the creation of the two alliances, The People Alliance and the Folk Nation, Chicago gangs felt pressure to join a side or face backlash from them.

This resulted in the Gaylords joining the People Alliance.

Gaylords Gang Locations



The Chicago Gaylords have some powerful allies, which include:


Some of the rivals for the Almighty Gaylords include:

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