I have said it on some of my other posts of other gangs in Long Beach but Long Beach is a crazy city to live in.

Living in Long Beach

In some neighborhoods, you have multi million dollar dream mansions, and awesome shopping centres, and some areas you have street gangs like the Rollin 20s Crips.

If you are an outsider you would think wow Long Beach has beautiful houses, its clean and quite and there’s a lot of pools in lots of peoples backyards, but there is another side of the city that people don’t like to talk about, and its their Gang Violence.

Long Beach is home to Street Gangs such as the Asian Boyz Crips who actually got the C card from the Insane Crips who are sworn enemies of the Rollin 20s. See Long Beach is crazy.


How did gangs like Rollin 20s come to be in such a nice city? To understand their history and many other gangs in Long Beach you need to understand the history of Long Beach.

Long beach back in the 80s was a hustlers dream, the crack era hit Long Beach huge, which meant it made money for a lot of gangsters.

Having a lot of gangsters making money, means a lot a licks. Which in turn brings a lot of beef with other hoods.

The Rolling 20s were formed in the 70s, and are the second largest black gang in Long Beach. The claim the hood south of 21st Street, just east of Long Beach Blvd and West of Orange Ave.


You know you are in 20s hood when you start to see Pittsburgh Steelers colors or New Orleans Saints colors, which are both Black and Yellow(gold).

A controversial Rollin 20s member, who is a famous rapper also wears a lot of Steelers colors.

Members of the 20s will get the Stealers logo tattoo’d on their body which will be a give away for others.

Snoop Dogg really put the hood on his back and repped these colors where ever he went. There has been controversy in this, as some 20s have said they pulled his G card, and is not allowed on the set, as they claim he is a fake g.

Rollin 20s Turf

The Rollin twenties of Long Beach is one of the biggest Crip Gangs in the city. They stay on the southside of 21st street, east of Long Beach blvd and west of Orange ave. As mentioned you know you are in 20s turf if you start to see a lot of black and yellow.

Other gangs in this area include:

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