Thinking of moving to Fresno? Or are you looking to gain more understanding of what its like to live there, consider this gang knowledge before visiting or moving.

Fresno is a city located in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Fresno is the largest city the greater Central Valley Region, as of 2022 the metro population is 1,008,654 people. Fresno is the third largest majority Hispanic city in the United States with 50.5% of its population being Hispanic.

With the large population of hispanics in the area, it makes sense that the largest gang in Fresno in the Fresno Bulldogs who take up a big market share when it comes to gang activity in the city.

Fresno and the surrounding areas are flooded with bulldog sets, and were note talking about the Fresno State college team.

Though they run a lot of the gang scene out in Fresno, they are not the only crew running the streets. Here is a list of some of the gangs that are active in Fresno, California.

Fresno Crime Rates

Violent Crime Statistics

Calculated annually per 100,000 residents

CrimeFresno #National #
Motor Vehicle Theft494.9284

Based off the data, we can see that Fresno is above the national average in all crimes documented.

List of some active Fresno Gangs

Mexican Gangs

Fresno Bulldogs – The Fresno bulldogs are definitely the most prominent gang out in Fresno. They are considered to be one the the biggest players in the drug game in central California. They have sub sets in many cities and towns in central California. Establishing themselves back in the 1970’s, they were once tied to the Nortenos but have since split off from them and no longer hold allegiance.

They mainly deal in the distribution of marijuana, heroin and meth, but with 1000s of members they are involved in all types of other crimes.

Nortenos – Nortenos are active in Fresno, but due to the Bulldogs claiming Fresno, they have been mainly pushed out due to the falling out between the Bulldogs and the Nuesta Familia. They are active in the east county particularly in the Del Rey area.

Nortenos are strongly tied to the prison gang Nuestra Familia, and are the foot soldiers in the streets for them. Nortenos use the number 14 and will tattoo themselves with with XIV or X4 to show allegiance to the gang.

The Nortenos have a bunch of different cliques around California and have massive numbers. They will also run with cartels to move and distribute drugs.

Surenos – The long standing rivals of the Nortenos, the Surenos are steadily creeping into the Central Valley area. Allied with Le Eme, or the Mexican Mafia. Surenos have deep numbers and are also the foot soldiers to the Mexican Mafia, which operates in prison.

They will mark their hoods with X3 or 13.

Although they are mainly in southern Cali, they have spread to over 35 different states in the United States.

They too are partnered with some Mexican cartels to distribute across

Mongols MC – The Mongols are a motorcycle club that deal mainly in drug distribution.

Asian Gangs

Although asian gangs are not as dominant among street gangs, they are known for their violent crimes. Here are some of the asian gangs in the Fresno area.

Menace of Destruction – MOD is a Hmong street gang that is known of murders, shootings and other violent crimes. They are involved in drug trafficking and have gotten into turf wars with some of the Mexican gangs in the area. The gang was first started in Fresno, but have since spread to other parts the USA.

MOD is the oldest active Asian street gang in all of Northern Cali, it is also the only Hmong Gangs that is officially recognized by the United States Government.

Tiny Raskal Gang – The TRG were first started in Long Beach but have since moved to other parts of the USA. They have a subset in Fresno and are pretty active. They are still considered more of a youth gang, but are involved in all types of criminal activity.

Asian Boyz Crips – ABZ is another set from Long Beach and are about the same size as the TRG in Fresno.

There are other asian gangs in Fresno, but I wont go into much other detail as they are smaller than the other gangs mentioned. Other Asian gangs in Fresno are, Lao Bloods, Laos Crips, and some other small cliques.

Black Gangs

Fresno is ran by a lot of the mexican gangs, but there is still gang activity from black gangs.

There is not a lot of detail on them in Fresno, but gangs like the Hoover Crips, Dog Pound, Modoc Boys, U-Boys, Garrett Street, Walnut Street Crips, Villa Posse

White Gangs

There are also white gangs in the area which are involved in drug trafficking.

Hells Angels MC

Nazi Lowriders – the NLR are a Neo-Nazi white supremacists crime syndicate, they are allied with the Aryan Brotherhood, Mexican Mafia, and Public Enemy No.1. They do not get along with the Bloods, Crips, the Black Guerilla Family, MS13, Nortenos and the Nuestra Familia.

There are other motorcyle clubs in this area too but they are usually connected to others

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