The Mafia Crips are one of the Larger Crip sets made up of multiple smaller sub sets, like the Neighbourhood Crips. Like most Crip sets in LA, they are a mainly Black street gang. The Mafia Crips first started off in South Central LA but can be found in different areas in LA county which includes, South Central, Watts, Long Beach and Pomona.

List of All the Mafia Crips Sets



Long Beach

South Central

Main Street Mafia Crips

The Main Street Mafia Crips are one of most well known of the Mafia Crips, they are located on the East side of South Los Angeles. The gang first started around the 1970s, from the Main Street set there are 2 sub sets which go by, the 84 Main Street Mafia Crips and the 98 Main Street Mafia Crips.

Main Street Mafia Crips will usually sport yellow or gold as well as blue, and will wear hats with the letter M on them to show affiliation.

Main Street Turf

The 98 Main Street Mafia Crips claim the area around 98th Street and Main, in between Colden Ave and 104th Street, The 110 Freeway and San Pedro Street are their boundaries.

The 84 Main Street Mafia Crips claim the area around 84th street and Main Street, between San Pedro and Broadway Blvd.

84 is relatively smaller than the 98 set.

Main Street Allies

Main Street Rivals

Blue Gate Mafia Crips

The Blue Gate Mafias crips are a Mafia Crips set located on the East Side of Watts. They originally started around the Washington Courts apartments in the 1980s. The apartments are between 103rd to Century Blvd, and in between Grandee Ave and Wilmington Ave.

The name Blue Gate comes from the blue security gate that surrounds the apartment complex, which goes with the Crip colors.

Blue Gate Allies

Blue Gate Rivals

Fudge Town Mafia Crips

The Fudge Town Mafia Crips are another Mafia Crip set in Watts. They are known to wear brown and blue to represent their hood. Their hood is from Wilmington Ave to Weigand Avenue, and in between 102nd Street and 108th Street.

Fudge Town started around the 1970s as well and have been active since.

Fudge Town Allies

Fudge Town Rivals

99 Watts Mafia Crips

99 Watts Mafia Crips are also known as the 9’ers, they stay between 99th street and Success ave, and in between Compton Ave and Central Ave.

This set of Mafia crips were yellow and blue.

99 Watts Mafia Rivals

Boulevard Mafia Crips

One of the Mafia Crips sets in Long Beach is the Boulevard Mafia Crips or aka the North Side Boulevard Mafia Crips.

The Boulevards started around the 1980s during the crack era, and were known to be heavy hustlers or money makers.

This Mafia set is one of the oldest and largest crip sets in north long beach. The set is also made up of multiple sub sets.

The Blvd wear powder blue bandanas, and for hats they choose the Boston Red Socks with the B in front.

Boulevard Allies

Boulevard Rivals

Mac Mafia Crips

One of the other well known Mafia sets is the Mac Mafia Crips or the Double M Gang, this gang is another Long Beach set.

They claim the area around Andy street, in between Obispo ave and downy ave. The Mac Mafia Crips also rep the north side of long beach.

You will see them wearing the Milwaukee Brewers baseball hat which has the big M on it.

Mac Mafia Rivals

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