The Family Swan Bloods or FSB is an alliance between the Neighborhood Family Bloods and the Mad Swan Bloods. This alliance was formed due to both sets being surrounded by crip sets. Both sets can be found in the east side of South Central(South Los Angeles) in a neighborhood known as Florence.

The Family Swans are a long standing alliance that has been around since the 70s. Like most blood gangs the Swans can be seen wearing red as their color.


Mad Swans are located from 77th Street North to 84th Street south and the 88/92 Families who are located from 89th Street North to 92nd Street South.

The Family Swans claim 77th to 92nd, but there are also some Latino gangs that you can find within this vicinity. The Florencia 13 who are a Sureno gang are in this area as well but they seem to get along with not any serious altercations.

Neighboring gangs include:



In the past they have also beefed with bloods such as:

Across the States

Like some other Blood sets, the Swans have been able to spread across the United States to other cities in America. The Swans can be found in the mid west and the east coast. Members OG Puppet Loko and Lanky Blood from 79th Street started a Mad Swans Bloods set in Southeast Aurora.

Puppet Loko then moved on to New York and started a set there.

Madd Rabbit and Baby Mouse started a set in Arizona, and K-Glock started a set in Texas.

Most Family Swan Bloods outside of California all originated from the Los Angeles sets from Florence.

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