What that Eight Tray Gangster like!

Due to their brutal and vicious crimes, the 83 Gangster Crips are considered by the state of California, one of the most dangerous criminal Crip gangs in the state.

Although they are on the smaller side of hoods in the west side of South Los Angeles, they are very dangerous and have a reputation of being hardcore.

The Eight Treys (ETG) claim the area from Gage Ave to 79th Street between Western Ave and Vermont Ave.

They originated from the Original West Side Crips led by Stanley “Tookie” Williams in the early 1970s.

Trays vs Deuces

The reason why the Eight Trays are so reputable in California is due to their ongoing war between the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips.

This feud has caused many Crip gangs to choose sides between either the 3x or the 2x gangs.

The ETG are sworn enemies of all Rollin 0s gangs.

The famous and late Monster Kody famously documents the interaction between the two gangs in this video.

History of the Eight Trays

The Eight Tray gangsters are a branch off of the Original West Side Crips which was one of the first Crip gangs.

The West Side Crips were ran by Stanley “Tookie” Williams along with other OGs. Before you could start your own branch of the Crips you would need to get your blessings from and OG.

OG Rayford “Sidewinder” Miles got the blessing and was able to start what is now the Eight Tray Gangster Crips.

The Eight Trays would go on to becoming one of the most deadliest and violent Crip gangs on the West Coast.

Eight Tray Gangsters in the Spotlight

The thing that makes the Eight Trays different than most of the other street gangs in LA is that they are one of the only gangs to be caught on live TV beating somebody.

TV crews caught a rare glimpse into LA gang life when they filmed 8 Trey Gangster Crips ripping trucker Reginal O. Denny out of his 18 wheeler, and beating him.

This moment put the 83 Gangster on the map, and the radar of all law enforcement in Los Angeles.

8 Trays are well known on the streets but this altercation brought the heat, the last time the heat on them was this bad, was when five 83 members were sentenced to life for murdering 2 innocent teenage girls. This ended up being a bad hit, as the 2 girls were civilians and not involved in gang life at all.

The 5 members were supposed to hit the sister of a drug dealer that sold the gang 2 pounds of white flour instead of cocaine, they ended up paying $14,000 for white flour.

Putting in Work

Besides the incidents mentioned above, the Eight Trays are known for putting in a lot of work on the streets.

The gang is known for deadly drive by shootings on rival gangs, like the Rollin 60s.

Another known crime was when Trynon Lee Jefferson, shot into a cop car with 3 officers, he ended up getting shot in the head. Trynon was charged with three attempted murders, three assaults with a firearm, two robbery charges, two counts of assault with a firearm and one count of shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Another incident happened in January 1981 where members of the 8 Trays and 9-0 Hoovers engaged in a gun battle which ended up killing an 8 year old boy. 5 members of the 8 Trays were sentenced and locked up.

There are many other war stories shared in Monster Kody’s book. In the book he writes about how he got the nickname “Monster”. At 13 he describes beating and stomping a victim until he was bloody and disfigured. In the papers they said, whoever could do something like this was a monster!

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