The five deuce broadway gangsters crips are the original Broadway hood. The 52 BGC originated during the 1970s and have been active every since, with members putting in work on the regular. They make up the Broadway Gangster crips along with the 112 Broadway gangster crips. The Broadway Crips also claim the Gangster Crip Card (3x).


The 52 Broadway Crips started on 52nd Street, between Broadway and Avalon Blvd. The Broadway Crips rep the West Side but refer to it as West Town.They are surrounded by mainly crip gangs, but also some hispanic gangs in the area.

Some of the other gangs around them include:

Broadway Crips in the News

In 2014 the 52 Broadway Gangster Crips made the news due to a huge investigation on the street gang. The operation that took a lot of them down was called Operation Gremlin Riderz.

The FBI was watching the gang and ended up making a 213 page racketeering indictment that outlines two decades of gang conduct which included: murders, robberies, extortion, witness intimidation and drug trafficking.

The indictment alleges that members of the gang committed a series of crimes which included:

This indictment was a huge hit to the Broadway Gangster Crips, and put a lot of members behind bars.



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