Santana Blocc is a long standing hood in Compton, that has built a reputation of violence in Compton. The Santana Blocc Compton Crips are one of the most recognized and most respected Crip Hoods in LA. Members will say that they are loved by most, hated by a few, respected by all, and if it wasn’t given it would be taken, by any means necessary.

History of the Santana’s

The story of the Santana Block Compton Crips began like this, it first began with the original founders Stanley “Tookie” williams and Raymond Washington, they would inspire the founders of the Santanas, Mac Thomas and Donald “Ducc” Norwood.

Just like Raymond and Tookie started the Crips in South Central, LA. Where Tookie established the Westside and Raymond the eastside. Compton had its own founders, Mac Thomas the founder of the Grandee Compton Crips and Donald “Ducc” Norwood who founded the Oak Park Business Men, which was found on Oak Street and Santa Fe ave.

Ducc would later convert OPBM into the Oak Park boys. In 1972 the Bob Simmons Boys home located in Banning, California was closed down and relocated to Compton on Pine st and Santa Fe ave, adjacent to Oak Park.

In 1976 Kim Bullet Tate had a vision to bring OPB and Mid Town Crips together as one.

Santana Blocc is the result of two separate gangs Mid Town and Oak Park Boys emerging as one. Kim “Bullet” Tate original founder of Santana Blocc.

Bullet would eventually get killed by Lueders Park Piru in 1978.

One of Mid Towns most recognized and valuable, Kenneth “turtle” Johnson would carry on Bullets plans, and united the 2 gangs forming the Santana Blocc Compton Crips.


Due to their location Santana Blocc has a lot of Piru/Blood hoods surround them, they would be the only Crips on Rosecrans.

Their territory is from Rosecrans Avenue to Pine Street, between Alameda Street and Long Beach Blvd West of the Compton Fashion center(Compton Swatmeet). Parts of their hood are also in line with the Elm Street Piru.

Here are some of the compton gangs that surround Santana Blocc.



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