The Mansfield Crips, a Crip set that originated in the area of Mansfield Avenue in Los Angeles, California.

The Mansfield Crips are a Crips-affiliated gang that primarily operates in the area of Mansfield Avenue between 89th and 103rd Streets in the neighborhood of West Adams in Los Angeles. The gang has been active since the 1970s and is known for its involvement in drug trafficking, robbery, and violent crimes.

Signs and Colors

The gang’s name comes from the location of their territory, which includes the Mansfield housing project. The gang’s colors are typically blue and gray, and members often display their affiliation through tattoos or wearing blue bandanas.

Gang Hierarchy

Like many street gangs, the Mansfield Crips have a hierarchical structure with leaders or “shot callers” at the top who give orders to lower-ranking members. The gang also has a strong sense of loyalty and camaraderie, with members often referring to each other as “crip brothers.”

Putting in Work

The Mansfield Crips have been involved in numerous violent incidents over the years, including drive-by shootings, armed robberies, and gang-related murders. The gang has also been known to engage in turf wars with rival gangs, particularly the Bloods, who are their main rivals in Los Angeles.

Despite law enforcement efforts to crack down on gang activity in the area, the Mansfield Crips remain active and continue to pose a threat to public safety. The gang has been the subject of several high-profile investigations, and many of its members have been arrested and convicted for their involvement in criminal activities.


The Mansfield Crips are a Crips-affiliated gang based in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles. The gang has a long history of involvement in violent crimes and drug trafficking, and its members continue to pose a threat to public safety in the area. While law enforcement efforts have had some success in combating gang activity, the Mansfield Crips remain a significant presence in the neighborhood and the wider Los Angeles area.

In the News

“Three Mansfield Crips gang members sentenced for drug trafficking” Source: Mansfield News Journal Date: December 15, 2021

According to the article, three members of the Mansfield Crips gang were recently sentenced to prison for their involvement in drug trafficking. The individuals were reportedly caught selling cocaine and heroin to undercover police officers as part of a larger investigation into the gang’s activities in the area. The gang members received sentences ranging from six to ten years in prison for their involvement in the drug trafficking ring. The article also notes that the Mansfield Crips gang has been involved in other criminal activities in the past, including violence and other drug-related crimes.

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