The School Yard Crips are one of the largest and most active Crip gangs in LA. The gang’s primary activities include robbery, burglary, assaults with deadly weapons, weapons violations and attempted murders. The School Yard Crips are considered to be a criminal street gang by the LAPD.

Like most street gangs in LA, gang members elevated their status in the gang by putting in work for the gang.


The School Yard Crips are a mainly black gang located on the West Side of south LA.

SYCG first started in the 1980s, they have approximately over 200 active members who are documented by the LAPD.

Like most Crip sets, the School Yard Crips are made up of many smaller sets, like the Yank Mob, Mid Town, 1600 Blocc, 2800 Blocc, and the 4800 Blocc.

Like most Crip sets their primary color is blue, but they will also wear a lot of New York Yankees, which shows the NYC which represents the Yard Crips.

School Yard Crip Gang Injunction

In 2006 a gang injunction was introduced to try to stop the criminal street gang from causing terror to its neighborhood. The gang injunction targeted the School Yard Crips as well as the Geer Street Crips.

Like most gang injunctions gang members were not allowed to associate with each other, which included: driving, standing, sitting, walking or gathering with each other in public view.


The SYCG claim the area around Longwood Avenue between Crewnshaw Blvd and Venice Blvd.



Rapper BlueFace

Blueface is a rapper who busted out on the scene with his hit single “Thotiana” .

Blueface claims his affiliation to the Crips, and mentions that he belongs to the School Yard Crips gang.

The rapper’s music can be characterized as being off beat, high pithced, goofy ad libs and clever punchlines. He has a sense of humor while he raps and his wordplay is very witty.

Blueface has been putting himself on as well as his hood.

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