The Crips Street gang has reached such notoriety that their Crip gang signs can be seen even in pop culture. South Park the long running cartoon show that parodies real life, has an episode of the Crips, which show a bunch of crip gang signs. How is it that the Crips have gotten so big that they are able to show gang signs on TV now. Its really simple, they have been around a long time and are just recognizable.

Lets take a look at some of the real life Crip signs that ranges from hand signs to graffiti and tattoos.

History of The Crips

The Crips are a notorious African American street gang that originated in Los Angeles, California, in the late 1960s. The gang was founded by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams.

The Crips gained prominence as one of the most formidable and widespread street gangs in the United States. Over the years, the gang has expanded beyond Los Angeles and has established a presence in various other cities and states.

The Crips are known for their rivalry with another prominent Los Angeles-based gang, the Bloods. This rivalry has resulted in a long history of violence between the two groups.

Different Types of Crip Gang Signs

Gang signs can range from hand signs, graffiti, wearing colors, to even wearing clothes like gang hats. It is important that each of these subjects are studied to know how gangs communicate and how you can identify these gangs. Some crips will even Crip Walk as a sign to show they are in the gang.

Crip Hand Signs

The Crips have one of the most recognizable hand signs in Gang History. It has become so popular you have people of all walks of life throwing their gang sign up.

The reason of this, is because it is easy to pull off quick and easy.

All the crip sign is, is the C with your thumb and index finger shaped as a C, you can do this with both hands or just one.

This is the main one and is known by most people. There are different versions of the crip hand sign depending on what hood your from.

Crip Graffiti

Graffiti is a whole other language when is comes to gang signs. If you live in areas where there are gangs, it is apparent you understand and learn to read graffiti.

Crips will tag walls or mailboxes or street signs to indicate their neighborhood.

Crip graffiti will usually consist of common symbols or tags. Just like hand signs they can be modified to represent a different set.

Crip Colors

Crips are known worldwide and can be recognized very easily due to one thing. The colors they wear. Crips are known for wearing the color blue in their clothing. Some crips will go as far as wearing all blue all the time.

Crips will also wear the blue bandana as part of their outfit, which they call their crip flag.

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