A gang that is well known in the gang world and in the normal world, the Rollin 60s Neighborhood crips are a huge black American gang in the West Side of South Los Angeles.

The Rollin 60s or 60s for short, is a gang that has cemented its name in the history books as one of biggest Crip gangs in California. Not only that, but it was also started by the legendary Crip, Stanley “Tookie” Williams back in the 1970s. The 60s were one of the first Original Crip gangs when the Crip movement started. The Rollin 60s were the first gang to use the term “rollin”

Rollin 60s NHC Hood

The 60s claim Slauson Ave to Florence Ave, in between Western Ave and Crenshaw Blvd.

The RSC have a few sections that they also call the avenues, Overhills or Bacchood, and The Dime, dn Front Hood.

Due to their large size, the 60s were able to push rival gangs out of their own turf in same cases.

Rollin 60s and Eight Treys

The worst Crip on Crip rivalries of all time, the Rollin 60s and Eight Trey Gangster Crips were once upon a time allies, and homies.

Monster Kody a hood famous Eight Trey Gangster telling the events of how this beef came to be.

The 60s and 83 rivalry started due to a gang member killing, Tyrone an OG 60s little brother was shot and killed by a new 83 member that the 83s just recruited. Tyrone(60s) was fighting an Eight Trey, and the new Recruit Darryl mistook this fight for a bigger beef.

Darryl ended up grabbing a strap and shooting Tyrone. It was later found out the Darryl was really a Rollin 90s Crip.

Darryl ending up going into hiding, and the Eight Treys couldn’t find him.

The story goes, OG 60s rolled up on ETGs hood and went looking for the shooter. ETG couldn’t find him anywhere. Rollin 60s took this as a sign of Disrespect.

A big meeting was later set with all the Crip sets, this meeting ended up as a huge gang fight. This fight is what led to Crip gangs choosing sides between the Deuces and the Treys. Every since this events, the Rollin 60s and the Eight Trey Gangsters have been mortal enemies. With each gang trying to kill each others members.

Rollin 60s History of Violence

The Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips have a deep history of violence, many of which haven’t made it to the news or published.

Here are some examples of how violent and dangerous this gang can really be.

OG Mumbles death and retaliation – Peddie Wack a member of the RSC was charged 22 years for the Murders of a mother and son in rataliation to OG mumbles death. Eight Trey Gangster member Joker gunned down Og Mumbles, so to seek revenge on the ETG, Peddie Wack hit up his family

The 60s and 83s retaliation – After feeling the ETGs and 60s fallout, the Rollin 60s wanted justice and retaliation for Tyrone. The 60s ended up find a member of the ETGs and shot them 6 times in the face point blank range.

Nipsey Hussles Revenge – Most likely the most famous Rollin 60, the late Nipsey Hussle. After finding out that Nipseys Killer is a well known snitch, Eric “shitty cuz” Holder, the Rolling 60s put out a hit on him. Before he could get turned in, the 60s ended up shooting 6 members of Holders family in retaliation.

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