A popular gang sign that can easily completed with your fingers is the blood gang hand sign.

Warning, do not attempt this gang sign in the wrong neighborhoods, it may cause violence.

Watch this video on how to do the gang sign.

Written Instructions

  1. With you right hand ball your hand into a fist, with your palms facing your body.
  2. Next, point your thumb up, with the rest of your fingers still clenched.
  3. Start forming the b with your index finger.
  4. With your middle finger now, you will make the L by sticking your middle finger up, you should now have the letters B and L.
  5. The next O will be made with your ring finger, you will curl it to mid way of your middle finger, this will make a small O.
  6. With you left hand, repeat steps 1 and 2
  7. Next curl your index finger to form the D letter.
  8. Your left middle finger will form the next small O letter.
  9. Push both small O letters from both hands and you will now have the word Blood with you fingers.
  10. You now know how to make the blood gang hand sign with your fingers.

Other Gang Symbols and Identifiers

The Bloods like most street gangs have other unique forms of gang symbols and identifiers othan than their hand signs.

Other ways of knowing members of bloods are by language they use, clothing they wear, tattoos, and graffiti. The gang has created a new form of communications and a complete culture that can vary from each blood set in LA.


Bloods are known to typically wear the color red and black, but there are different sets throughout LA that rep different colors, like, orange, brown, and many others.

The sets colors are determined by the a number of characteristics, it could be a Sports team that sounds like the Sets name, for example, the Baby Insane Crips of Long Beach use the Indians logo as their logo as they think the logo looks like a baby, and they also wear a lot of Red, but they are a Crip set.

Colors are also determined by alliances or the colors could have stemmed from the original Blood sets from long ago, before they were actually blood sets.

It is also common for gang members to not wear their gang colors in order to take away heat from the gang members. Colors can be a good or bad thing as it shows others that you are gang affiliated, but it also brings bad attention from law enforcement.

Red Bandana

The Red Bandana is a signature staple for Blood gang members, it represents there connection to the gang and its a flag they represent with pride.

Gang members will represent their gang by “flagging”. It is disrespectful to let your flag fall on the ground, get dirty or have a rival gang take it.


Tattoos are another way of showing gang affiliation, a lot of gang members will get their hood tatted on them. This is considered the ultimate form of allegiance to your hood as it now is apart of you, and it means you would do anything to put your hood on.

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