The Blood Stone Villains are a long standing Blood set located on the East Side of South Los Angeles. They are considered to be active since the 1970s.

The BSV started on 56th Street, and now their neighborhood spreads from 50th Street to Slauson Ave, around Hooper Ave which is the center of their turf.

Blood Stone Villains are made up of 2 separate sets, the 52nd Street Bloodstone Villains and the 56th Street Bloodstone Villains gang. Together they make the BSV or Blood Stone Villains.

BSV hate Crips and represent Blood to the fullest their are many documented court cases of Crip altercations like murders, drive by shootings which we will address shortly.

Cracking down on the BSV in 1996

In 1996 the LAPD ran an operation targeting the Blood Stone Villains.

A 3 month investigation on the gang was started due to the BSV terrorizing a Latino neighborhood in South Central. 21 men and women were arrested along with the seizure of guns, drugs and money.

The investigation was on the Blood stones whose members had a Trap House in a run down central avenue apartment, which they used a home base for their operation.

During the arrest, Police say they found a sleeping baby in one of their hideouts. The baby was found with a bag of money beneath its head, using it as a pillow. At the food of the baby’s bed was a diaper bag filled with crack cocaine.

The LAPD also reported that 2 latino men were robbed by the BSV and then shot in the back as they ran away.

Busted in Tacoma

In 1989 Tacoma PD and the FBI ant gang task forced busted a Blood Stone Villain crack house, where they found crack cocaine and guns.

The men that were arrested admitted to being members of the Blood Stone Villains gang from Los Angeles.

The members were planning to take over the Puget Sound area to sell drugs.

The Blood Stone Villains that were convicted were:



Their only known Blood gang rivalry is between the 52 Pueblo Bishops Blood gang. They have been beefing with each other after a Pueblo Bishop gang member killed a Blood Stone Villain gang member execution style over a bad drug deal in 1998.

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