Compton is known for its Blood and Piru gangs. One of the Piru gangs that has built a pretty big reputation is the Cedar Block Pirus. The Cedar Block Piru is a much smaller Blood set located in Compton, but has proven themselves by going up against some bigger sets in the area. The gang has built some notoriety due to one of its members being a famous rapper. The rapper The Game is a well known Cedar Block member and has shouted his hood on many songs, he even claims he has made the Cincinnati Reds hat more famous than the New York Yankees fitted.


The Westside Cedar Block Pirus are a mainly black gang on the westside of Compton, California. The gang is named of “Cedar Street”.

Their turf is surrounded by some other rival gangs in the area. Their territory stretches from south of Rosecrans avenue and north of West Arbutus Street, between Compton Creek and Elm Street.

Other gangs in Compton in their direct vicinity include:



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