The Piru Gang Signs you should know when visiting Compton

gang hats

The Pirus are considered to be one of the earliest gangs to join the blood alliance. Some Piru sets consider Pirus to be a different breed of Bloods. If you weren’t in the know, how would you differentiate between a Piru gang member and a Blood member? This is where some people have some confusion, […]

Who is YG 400 and is he gang affiliated?

yg bloods

YG is a Compton-born rapper who has made a name for himself in the music industry through his unique blend of West Coast gangsta rap and politically charged lyrics. While he initially gained notoriety for his affiliation with the Bloods gang, YG has since distanced himself from gang life and focused on his music career. […]

Nothing Fruity about the Fruit Town Piru

fruit town piru

Do not let their name fool you, the Fruit Town Pirus are a Piru set that you do not want to mess around with. The Fruit Town Pirus (FTP) are notorious for selling drugs and putting in a lot of work, and are a very well known Blood Gang in LA. They are known to […]