Considered to be one of the largest and wide spread Asian Gangs in America, the Tiny Rascals Gangs(Tiny Rascals Gang) or TRG for short have cliques spreading from the west coast to the east coast.

Tiny Raskals have a reputation of being very dangerous and have on site behaviour. There are cases where they have been documented to shoot in broad daylight, shoot up houses without knowing who’s inside. The gangs mission is do dirt and get paid.

The Tiny Rascals gang is a mainly Cambodian gang with with approximately 10,000 members nation wide. Their main source of income, is the drug trade, home invasion and extortion.

How did a gang this size come to be? Well to know this we need to once again, go back in time to find out how there ancestors first came to the United States.


The Tiny Rascals are a mainly Cambodian Gang, Cambodia is located in South East Asia, Near Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.

In 1979 the United States took in Cambodian Refugees that were escaping Cambodia. Cambodians were being sent to labor camps back home and getting executed in Mass my Pol Pot. It is estimated in the millions the amount of people that were killed due to Khmer Rouge.

From 1979 to 1991 around 150 000 Cambodians were admitted into the USA, and most of these refugees would land in California, Virgina and New York.

Like most immigrants, the Cambodians were bullied and racially profiled. Though having nothing, they pulled together and raised above this. To some this may have been hard, but the bullying was nothing close to what they experienced back home in Cambodia.

The Cambodians were being robbed, extorted, and beat up by latino gangs, which in retaliation forced the Cambodians to start street gangs.

This is how the Tiny Rascals Gang was formed, they started off as basic neighbourhood protection, but have grown to be one of the largest and most influential asian gangs in the USA.


The Tiny Rascals are such a big set that they have formed may sub sets around the nation. Here is a list of some but not all of the TRG sets in the Unites States.

Los Angeles County Sets

Long Beach Tiny Rascals: The east side TRG is the first Tiny Rascals gang, which was formed in Cambodia Town Long Beach in the 1980s. The story is that this crew was formed from members of the Ultimate Wave Warrior crew, which is longer around. In around the same time, there was some internal beef in the gang, so some members of the TRG started the Long Beach Asian Boyz ABZ around this same time.

Pamona Tiny Rascals: Pomana TRG was formed 1980s

Orange County Sets

Santa Ana: One of the earlier sets to be formed was Minnie Street TRG also in the 1980s. Minnie Street is one of the worst areas in OC and it has a ton of other gangs.

Westminster & Garden Grove: A mainly Vietnamese TRG, they have ties to the Long Beach TRG.

Inland Empire

Corona: Formed in 1990s or 2000s, members from the Minnie Street TRG formed this set.

Temecula & Murrieta: Another set that was formed in the 1980s or early 1990s. There are known as the Crownhill TRG.

San Diego County

San Diego City: This clique claims the area around Fermount Ave and Myrtle Ave.

Kern County

Bakersfield: Bakersfield TRG has been around since the 1990s

Northern California

Fresno: Fresno TRG is the most diverse TRG in all of California. Fresno Tiny Rascals beef with the Asian Boyz as well as the Fresno Bulldogs.

Modesto & San Jose: Both have small TRG cliques.

Sacramento: The TRG here is known as the 45th Block TRG and they are from the Lemon Hill Neighborhood.

Stockton: Of all the gangs in Stockton, the Stockton TRG are one of the earlier ones.

Out of State TRG

Seattle, Tacoma & Washington: The SeaTac Tiny Rascals have the largest set outside of California. They were formed in the 1980s as well.

Dallas, Texas

Lowell, Massachusetts(Gray Rag)

Lowell, Massachuesetts(Blue Rag)

Lynn Massachusetts

Boston, Massachesetts

Greensboro, North Carolina

Nashville, Tennessee

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Hollan, Michigan

Lexington, North Virginia

Jacksonville, Florida

Rochester, New York

Maine, Portland

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Providence, Rhode Island

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