A rivalry that spans decades, The TRG are a mainly Cambodian gang that originated in Long Beach. They have now spread to many areas in the United States.

With expansion comes a lot of tension with other gangs, one of the gangs TRG beefs with a lot are the Asian Boyz Crips.

Both gangs are dangerous and this beef has caused a lot of violence and death.

One of the longest beefs going down in asian gangs, is the TRG vs ABZ.

Cambodian immigrants first started immigrating into the United States in 1979. Over the next 12 years over 150,000 Cambodians ended up settling in cities across the United States. They ended up settling in places like New York, Virginia, Massachusetts and California.

Many of the Cambodians that moved to California moved to Long Beach. Long Beach was already occupied by a lot of different immigrants as well as blacks and Mexicans.

Like most Immigrants they were bullied and harassed by mix can gangs like the Longos 13. To protect against them they would start their own gangs.

One of the gangs they started were the Tiny Rascals.

Long Beach Asian Boyz started due to inner conflicts with members of the TRG.

Ever since this split, they have had an ongoing rivalry.

By the 1990s the TRG and ABZ numbers were growing rapidly, they were recruiting members of other asian ethnicities like Vietnamese, Koreans, Laos and Filipinos. They have even recruited some Mexicans and Blacks.

ABZ have spread into areas like Orange County, Fresno and Stockton. They are even outside of California, they have sets in the Midwest and East Coast, due to immigration laws, some Asian Boys have started sets over seas.

ABZ have cliqued up with the Crips, so they are backed by the Insanes and also the Sons of Samoa Crip gang. ABZ are also allied with Exotic Families Crips and Suicidal Town.

TRG is still one of their biggest rivals if the two gangs are in the same spot.

TRG has sets in Orang County, Fresno, Sacramento and Stockton, and just like the ABZ they have multiple sets across the country.

Unlike the ABZ that rep the Crips, TRG represent the grey rag on their own and claim EBK, everybody killer, so they go toe to toe with anyone.

TRG were becoming such a big threat to other gangs especially the Longos that the Mexican Mafia. The Mexican Mafia ended up green lighting any TRG member.

This didn’t stop the beef with TRG and ABZ however.

ABZ VS TRG in the News

“A 26-year-old man was arrested in Long Beach, California on Thursday, August 13, 2020 three days after the first suspect was arrested in a 2018 likely gang-related shooting death in Long Beach. Richard Van was shot about 4:30 p.m. March 12, 2018, in the 1300 block of Wesley Drive, near Orange Avenue, according to the Long Beach Police Department. Officers who responded to the shooting call found Van with a gunshot wound to his upper body. He died at a hospital. Investigators linked 26-year-old Danny Sourn and 28-year-old David Vongkoth to the shooting, and both were arrested in Long Beach this week, police said. Police said they believe Van was killed after a confrontation by Sourn and Vongkoth escalated to a shooting.

Vongkoth was arrested during a traffic stop in the 2600 block of Atlantic Avenue, near East Willow Street, on Monday, August 10, 2020 according to the Long Beach Police Department. Sourn was arrested Thursday, August 13, 2020 at his home in the 5400 block of Orange Avenue, near Pacific Coast Highway, the Long Beach Police Department said.”

“Two reputed members of the Tony Rascals Gang were convicted of first-degree murder today for gunning down a 14-year-old eighth-grader they mistook for a rival gang member.

Kha Tranh, 27, of Westminster, and Christopher Diep, 22, of Houston, Texas, now face 50-years to life terms in state prison for their role in the June 8, 2002 shooting death of Edward Martin Fernandez Jr., 14, a junior high school student who loved football, baseball and basketball, and video games 

Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Contini argued that Tranh and Diep were among a group of young men who were seeking retribution against the Asian Boys gang for the murder of a Tiny Rascals gang member in 2000.

The Asian Boys and Tiny Rascals have been enemies on the streets of Los Angeles and Orange County for many years, and their hatred boiled over at The Block of Orange in October 2000 when they rumbled in the parking lot of the popular mall, Contini said. 

Minot Ly, a Tiny Rascals leader, was stabbed and killed in that fight, dying in the arms of his close friend Andrew Vu, 23, of Aliso Viejo, who also was stabbed.

Several members of the Asian Boys were convicted of Ly’s murder and sent to prison.

The animosity between the two gangs ignited again on June 8, 2002, when Ken Tong, an affiliate of the Tiny Rascals, was watching the Los Angeles Lakers in a championship basketball game against the New Jersey Nets at the Ice Café, a cyber-café in Garden Grove. 

At some point in the evening, Tong saw several members of the Asian Boys outside, and phoned some friends. Meanwhile, Martinez and several of his junior high school friends were playing video games inside the Ice Café before a planned sleep-over party.

Tran, Diep and Vu, all reputed members of the Tiny Rascals, jumped in two cars and raced over to the Ice Café to confront the other gang, Contini argued.

But before the trio arrived, the Asian Boys had apparently left the scene, Contini said.

That’s when the Tiny Rascals made a huge mistake, Contini said.

They thought the group of eighth-graders leaving the Ice Café in a taxi were the members of the Asian Boys they were seeking to confront, Contini said.

The four eighth-graders, who also were celebrating their graduation from junior high school and unaware of the bad blood between the two gangs, had piled into the taxi because they could not get their parents to pick them up. 

But they only had a a few dollars between them to pay for the ride.

When the money ran out on the meter, they told the driver to let them out of taxi — at one of the darkest spots on Adelle Street in Garden Grove. Eddie Fernandez, the last out of the cab, was paying the fare when he was shot five times. 

Eddie, a victim of mistaken identity, died on the street. None of his friends were injured.

Vu was arrested a short time after the slaying. He was convicted of first-degree murder in December 2003. He is serving a 25-years to life term in state prison. Tong pleaded guilty for his role in the case, and was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Tran and Diep were arrested months later.”

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