Wah Ching are considered one of the oldest and still active Asian Gangs In the United States. They first started up in 1970s as small time thugs, and have since graduated to a full fledged criminal organization.

The Wah Ching do not really “gang bang” anymore meaning they don’t really fight for turf or small crimes of that nature. They are mainly concerned with making money.

A lot of Wah Ching gang members wear Red or Burgundy, but do not get this twisted with Blood Gangs. The Wah Ching do not rep the Blood Card. They strictly wear red as it is considered to be a lucky color in Chinese culture. The Wah Ching are not active like that on the streets anymore.

Wah Ching members do still throw up their gang sign in pictures however to represent their set. They are know to throw the W and C with their hands like in the below pictures.

wah Ching gang sign

Wah Ching are known to be flashy and flaunt a lot of cash so do not be surprised if you see them in the clubs flaunting a bunch of money and bottles.

Wah Ching members will have many tattoos usually of asian heritage like dragons or Japanese and Chinese art.

wah Ching tattoos

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