The original East Side Crips were a street gang founded in Los Angeles, California, in the late 1960s. They were one of the first Crips gangs to form, along with the West Side Crips. The East Side Crips primarily operated in the eastern part of Los Angeles. Over time, the Crips gang expanded and splintered into various factions and sets, but the East Side Crips are considered one of the foundational groups within the larger Crips organization.

Formation of the gang

Back in the days before Bloods and Crips there were already other street gangs that ruled the streets of South Central LA.

Some of the gangs at the time were called, The Slausons, The Avenues, The Gladiators, Businessmen, etc.

During the 60s, the Black Panther Party was considered a huge threat to the FBI and LAPD and the Black community were really backing them.

Unfortunately Black youth were considered too young to join the BPP. So they would form there own youth gangs.

One of those youth gangs were Called the “Baby Avenues” named after the older gang “The Avenues”.

The Baby Avenues wanted to mimic the Panther Parties policies and bring black youth together to fight the man. The Baby Avenues would eventually turn into the “Avenue Cribs” which would eventually turn into “Crips”.

The Crips Were Born

Raymond Washington the creator of the Baby Avenues along with his other school friends would start their own chapters of the Crips all over South Central LA.

Raymond Washington would start the East Side Crips, the original Crip set.

Some of the other original crip sets were:

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