The Eastside Kelly Park Compton Crips had a very famous Compton City legend part of their ranks. The late Eazy Mutha Fucken E, Founder of Ruthless Records and member of the rap group N.W.A was a member of the Compton gang.


They are from the Kelly Park area on the Eastside of Compton. Their hood is from Alondra Blvd to Greenleaf Blvd, west of the Atlantic Drive Compton Crips and East of the Neighborhood Compton Crips.

Some other gangs that are in their direct vicinity include:

  • Eastside Duccy Hood Compton Crips
  • Eastside Holly Hood Pirus
  • Southside Compton Varrio Mobbin For Life 13
  • Eastside Neighborhood Compton Crips
  • Northside Krazy Ass Samoan Family Gangster Crips
  • Northside Original Hood Crips
  • Southside Atlantic Drive Compton Crips


  • Farm Dog Compton Crips
  • Acacia Blocc Compton Crips
  • Spook Town Compton Crips
  • Ward Lane Compton Crips
  • Carver Park Compton Crips


  • Holly Hood Piru
  • Elm Street Piru
  • Lueders Park Piru
  • MOB Piru
  • Atlantic Drive Compton Crips
  • Neighborhood Compton Crips
  • Southside Compton Crips
  • Nutty Blocc Compton Crips
  • Compton Varrio Chicano Gang
  • Compton Varrio 70s
  • Compton Varrio 155
  • All Sureneo gangs


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