poccet hood crips

A long standing Crip hood in Compton, the Original Poccet Hood Compton Crips aka the Corner Pocket Crips. Based on the East Side of Compton and they have been around since 1970.


The Poccet Hood Crips turf stretches from East North Wilmington Avenue to Willowbrook avenue, and is between 130th street and Stockwell avenue.

The Poccet Hood Crips don’t have a large turf, but here are some of the hoods close to them.


The PHCC is made of of multiple sets including:

  • E 130th Street (1300 Blocc or O Block or One Tre O
  • Shauer Street (1200 Blocc)
  • E. Nord Street ( Nord Blocc)
  • Lucien Street ( L Blocc)


The CPC are a small hood, but have many allies, some of those allies include:


Rivals of the CPC include the following hoods:

  • Carver Park Compton Crips
  • Fruit Town Pirus
  • Compton Varrio Largos 36
  • Original Front Compton Crips
  • Park Village Compton Crips
  • West Side Pirus
  • Athens Park Bloods
  • South Side Compton Crips

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