Mafia Crips one of LAs most Hated Gangs

mafia crips

The Mafia Crips are one of the Larger Crip sets made up of multiple smaller sub sets, like the Neighbourhood Crips. Like most Crip sets in LA, they are a mainly Black street gang. The Mafia Crips first started off in South Central LA but can be found in different areas in LA county which […]

The Mighty S Gang, Sons Of Samoa

sons of samoa

The Sons of Samoa (SOS) are an active crip gang, that is a also a mainly samoan gang. Sons of Samoa are considered to be one of the first Samoan gangs that are part of the crip sub set. Samoans come from Polynesia, which is a subregion of Oceania, made up of more than 1,000 […]

Reppin Black and Yellow the Rollin 20s Crips

rollin 20s crips

I have said it on some of my other posts of other gangs in Long Beach but Long Beach is a crazy city to live in. Living in Long Beach In some neighborhoods, you have multi million dollar dream mansions, and awesome shopping centres, and some areas you have street gangs like the Rollin 20s […]

Longos 13 Gang Most Hated Gang in Long Beach

longos 13

The city of Long Beach is a crazy city, it has tons of gang violence and a lot of different gangs. Long beach gangs consists of different nationalities and backgrounds, some black, asian and hispanic. Of those gangs one of the longest standing gangs who are still very active in the streets is the Longos. […]

The Insane Crips of Long Beach

insane crips

One of the most notorious gangs in Long Beach is the Insane Crips, you either are insane if you want to step to these guys, because they are INSANE. The Insane Crips are from the East Side of Long Beach, and the policy for these guys when they were founded is that they were insane […]